The Power Of Failure: How To Rise From The Ashes

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Here we are at day 2 of 31 Life Changing Thoughts. Today I Want to talk about failure. In particular, the power of failure and the hidden gifts it brings. 

I attended the national sales academy last week, such a great event with an excellent line up of speakers. The key note was delivered by Sir Clive Woodward. He spoke about success and The DNA of a Sales Champion but the thing that stood out most to me was his point of view on failure. 

Someone asked him what to say to a new recruit to make sure they’re on board when they join an organisation. His response was to get the hiring stage right in the first place. Here was the gold! Sir Clive looks for evidence of failure on a CV. 


Not because he doesn't want to work with people who've failed, but because he knows that experience of failure is VALUABLE. Sir Clive wants to see evidence of someone who is taking action to rebuild their CV. He knows that if a candidate has already experienced failure they'll know how to spot the signs and, more crucially, how they'll respond to setbacks in the future. Sir Clive likes to hire people who have faced failure and DONE SOMETHING about it.

If you've known failure and you're struggling to see a way through it, know that you aren't alone. Earlier this year I experienced a sizeable commercial failure. The experience really tested my ability to bounce back. It was a tough time, but I learned a lot. I didn't let it define me, or hold me back.

So today's Life Changing Thought is:

Don’t hide from failure. Stand proudly in your ability to turn it around, because these are the experiences that really shape you. 

A person who has never failed, has probably never really lived either.


This series of 31 Life Changing Thoughts will cover a diverse range of topics in bite-sized chunks over 31 days, each Thought designed to help you change how you think about an aspect of your life, your work or your relationships.

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