How to Make Big Changes in 2016

The secret to making big changes in 2016...

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Have you every heard the saying “go big or go home?” This leads us to believe that unless we are going to do something that is going to make a big change, don’t bother. Although a catchy saying, this mentality is not the way to craft big changes in our lives. The secret to making big changes in 2016 is to make small ones.

Tony Robbins, the world's leading life coach uses the following analogy: a golf swing. For those that don’t play, a golf swing is developed through a series of tiny adjustments and dedicated practice. These millimeter changes at where the clubface hits the ball will have enormous influence on the direction of the ball and the distance it will travel and where it will end up.

We have the power, through small changes we make today, to influence our direction, distance and destination. Instead of asking yourself “what big changes can I make today?” ask yourself instead “what small change can I make today that helps me move towards where I want to be headed?” Once you have chosen this, find time to commit to it and practice it.

Time provides the conditions for these seedlings of change to grow into something magnificent; Masterpieces take time, skill takes time, progress and change takes time. However, sometimes we act like time is something that we do not have and the only time is now! Because of this, people tend to “go big or go home”. If there is one thing to take away from this, take time. It is a currency to be spent wisely and one that we do not need to gamble with by going all in. Do just one thing every day or every week; shift a millimeter towards the direction you are aiming to travel and allow time to be you ally not your enemy.

Big changes do not usually happen over night. Instead, they are the culmination of ordinary little tweaks that, over time, become something extra-ordinary. If we commit to making small changes continuously, we can change more than 2016; we can change all the years that follow too.

Jodie Jackson

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