Dreams Can Come True

..but not always when you want them to

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This is a picture of a box.

A box which has stood in the corner of my office for over 4 years.  In fact, one of two boxes which we have been using to stack DVDs on.  They've been in the way largely.

When I wrote my last book Love Being Me I bought loads of padded envelopes to send books to people in.  I did use some boxes, but not as many as I anticipated and so the two boxes of envelopes have sat there.

'Can't we just get rid of them?'

But I didn't.

Because I had a dream.

A dream that one day I would write another book which would need envelopes.

And so it has come to pass.

This picture is of a half empty box and the envelopes I have addressed so far to send out the pre-orders when they arrive next weekend (25th November).  You can pre-order too and if you prefer Kindle (which doesn't need envelopes) is available for pre-order here.

What does this tell me about dreams?

  • You have to hold onto them even when they are causing clutter and chaos
  • They take time to come true (It took me 3 years to research and write the book)
  • You have to believe in them even if no one else does
  • You have to do the hard work to make them come true which means writing one word at a time, taking one step at a time, asking one person at a time, researching, calculating, doing
  • Which means you need to be determined and committed
  • You have to commit to taking small steps even when you can't see a clear path to get to where you want to go
  • Like snakes and ladders, you sometimes have to go backwards to come forward.  I completely re-wrote the book twice.
  • You have to do this even when there is no time.  You have to know that there is no perfect time to have a child or move abroad or start a new job or write a book.  There is just now, and not now.  There is only doing something different or doing nothing different.  There will never be enough time and there will never be the perfect time.
  • No one else can do it for you.  Other people might show up to help, but they can only show up to the party if you arrange the party
  • Dreams do not come true by only by talking about them, or imagining them, or reading about other people who did what you want to do.  These things can help, but than can also be ways of procrastination.  Just crack on and do something.
  • You are your own fairy god mother, your own magic, your own cauldron.
  • Not trying is failure.  Failure is part of succeeding.  Get used to failing then get up and get on with the work
  • There is nothing better than holding a real book in your hands having turned a dream into reality.  

Get going.  Believe in yourself and start taking action towards your dreams today.

Julie Leoni

Writer, Listener, Teacher, Dr

I am a stress and well-being coach who supports women to ask for what they want and look after their own needs so that they can hear their heart's call and live a more empowered and meaningful life. I draw on experience and training in bereavement, domestic abuse, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Transactional Analysis and other therapeutic approaches to get you loving you. I have 2 sons who I love loads (and who sometimes drive me crazy). I'm a Barefoot Trained coach and I got a distinction for my post-grad cert in 2011. I have a PhD which led me to look at Emotional Intelligence in schools and I have a number of academic and professional qualifications in various types of therapy. I have practiced meditation since I went to India over 25 years ago and I'm currently training to be a yoga teacher. I have written a couple of books, I teach psychology and work with a large variety of coaching clients.