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Last week I attended a hugely inspirational meeting for women in business in my yokel town of Reigate, Surrey. What a difference having person-centred speakers with real-life stories. We were all engrossed in the heart-warming tales of overcoming adversity, mental health and barriers the size of Everest to do something. Something more.  


To become self-aware. To change. 


Gone was the 60-second elevator pitch, replaced by ‘this is my story, I am sharing, I am trusting, I am bearing all, and this is what led me to my business’.  Liberating and empowering. It is not what I do, but who I am.

I’m Clare – owner of Now it's all about ME. Blogger and Mother to the group ‘I am not invisible or dead, I am  a 40 plusser’.  

Welcome to my blog, a 40+ woman’s take on modern day lifestyle, championing the fact that at this 40+ age we are more alive than ever. 

Back to the event and creating energy, synergy and positivity 

One positive powerhouse of an inspirational woman gave her honest account of her life leading towards her 'something more' moment'. The studying, learning her craft, getting married, babies, giving up her craft, juggling, looking after everyone, getting older, coping with change, moving to a new area, new home, new life and dependent children (they don’t come with a manual). As she described her journey, her struggles, her highs and lows, it was not only honest but a mirror image of  ‘a life’  that we had all experienced. You could feel the connections igniting moment by moment until the room was on fire with bursting female energy. Then the moment came, as she finished her story of how grateful she was for everything she’d been blessed with, but she knew there was ‘something more’.  






The realisation that it was in her control to do ‘something more’ led others to a similar realisation. Suddenly other school Mums started approaching her in the playground with the same ‘something more’ moment. Identifying a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. That piece? ME. 

That’s it, that is the thing. What do you do when living the life that ‘on paper’ looks like it ‘should’ be idyllic? When the stability, the ‘normal life’ and what everyone else is doing around you just doesn’t satisfy. That is when dissatisfaction and some levels of anxiety and stress creep in.  Does this mean that a majority of 40 plussers are thinking the same?  That we need something more? This something more was not money, or status, or running off to marry Poldark, but an internal gut feeling of …. ‘something more’. Belonging. Community and living a life true to your core values.

 Core Values

 I love working on core values during my coaching sessions, I witness the ‘light bulb’ moment in action, the ‘something more’. Values really have something to be said for. If I asked you now to name your top three values, would you know?

Going back to this fabulous woman, who was not used to public speaking, who was completely genuine and engaging, her ‘something more’ moment led her to start ‘something magical’ that I would imagine is in keeping with her core values. If you are a creative and are not being creative, that’s a problem. If you value freedom and your work or home life dictates the opposite, that’s a problem. If you value kindness and all around you is an unkind world, that’s a problem.

The SOMETHING MORE moment is the catalyst to finding the SOMETHING MINE moment.

Values are your motivators, your drivers, your inner self. Values change as you change. Values are different in everyone, but we are often attracted to people, places and things that are in line with our own personal values.    

For example, when I started my career, success was measured by my wage and status. To have achieved a manager position at a designer clothing shop in the heart of Covent Garden before I hit 21 was the pinnacle of my career. But my life changed and within 2 years I was living in Greece with little money and no status, yet I was super happy. Then fast forward 10 years and, after having my family, my work-life balance was all out of kilter, so I changed my life dramatically to something I valued more.

If I could turn back time? Nah - I wouldn’t - would you?

As our definition of success changes, so do our personal values. They are constantly changing order. I have used two techniques to unravel my values over the past few years. My favourite I use with my life-coaching clients. My values came out different both times because I was different, I had evolved, as I had my ‘something more’ moment.

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Stay colourful my friends




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