Playing to Your Strengths

I work with people who need a bit of a helping hand to rediscover what makes them shine, be energised and succeed. This post gives you a few ideas to help you become clearer about your strengths

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Research is clear - when we play to our strengths  we achieve more, feel more energised and are more productive and happy. Employees are 15% less likely to quit their jobs if they use their strengths daily, and are 8% more productive when they do. 

So, how can you become clearer on where your strengths lie?

 One way is to use a survey to reveal your talents. There are several that can be found online. In my coaching work I work with the Strengthscope tool if I'm looking for an external survey to support a client's understanding  of their strengths

 But, there is a slot you can do yourself to better understand  your strengths and consider how to use them more. Think about:


·         What was a moment in your activities/work when it felt very natural to do what you did?

·         When did you feel energised? When did you lose track of time?

·         What did that look like? What did you do?

·         What ‘name’ would you give that?

·         For what projects or activities is your advice regularly sought?

·         What aspect do your parents/friends highlight when talking about you?

·         Maintaining  a diary for a week of moments when you feel energised and not energised. The energising moments are most likely when you are tapping into your talents.

I've attached a few slides below which you are helpful when thinking about your motivating strengths and your day-day work.


 Hope you find this approach helpful. 


A bit about me

As a former Chief Executive, I now work as an independent coach and mentor. I love my work as a coach and get great satisfaction and joy from watching my clients grow and succeed

My clients often describe their work with me as challenging, energising, thought provoking and practical. Take a look at my Linked In page to get a feel for how client's see their experience of investing in coaching

Outside of my coaching work, I paint a bit, sew bright. flowery fabric together to make quilts, help run a community Arts Festival and support my husband's studio glass business

Please get in touch if I can ever be of any help.


Sandra Whiles

Director, Sandra Whiles Coaching Ltd

I work with people who need a bit of a helping hand to rediscover what makes them shine, be energised and succeed. I love my work as a coach, helping people, organisations, groups, teams and partnerships succeed and supporting small businesses to transform their ideas into reality. All of my work is grounded in a coaching approach and builds on my experience and success in shaping and leading individuals, teams, organisations and partnerships over many years. Before setting up my business in 2016, I worked for 35 years in the public sector. My last job was as Chief Executive for Blaby District Council in Leicestershire, described as "a great council" by the LGA in 2015 with very high levels of public satisfaction and staff engagement. Having trained with Barefoot Coaching Ltd, I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, hold a postgraduate certificate in coaching from the University of Chester, have done specialist training in Team Coaching and am a qualified NLP Practitioner. Sustainability is very important to me, so my work is designed and delivered in ways that give clients tools and approaches to use to maintain and build on their successes after their work with me is completed.