How to Reignite Your Mojo

Is life feeling a bit tough at the moment? Perhaps every day seems the same, a replay of yesterday? Does work require more effort?

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The Definition of Motivation is "a Reason(s) for Action" – something on the outside that compels us to action.  By understanding those outside forces and the impact they are having on our inner wisdom, we can start to take back control and reignite our mojo.

Traditionally motivation was all about the Carrot and the Stick –

 If I/you do this there’ll be some reward in it for you – money, holiday, a discount, chocolate  or,

 If I/you don’t do this then you’ll lose your job, get fat, have to cancel your night out.....    

These approaches often work in the short term but won’t sustain motivation for long.

6 ways to Rekindle Your Mojo

1.  Get Clear about what affects your quality of working life….

Every one of us is unique – research shows there are 8 Key Factors which affect the quality of our working life (outside of monetary reward)

  • Friendly Co-Workers/Belonging/Fun
  • Feel Knowledgeable/Skilled
  • Opportunities to Learn
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Receive Meaningful Feedback
  • Sense of Purpose/Achievement
  • See Ideas Implemented
  • Autonomy/Control

Which of these appeal to you most?  How can you bring more of these into your work?

2. Understand your preferred way of doing things – Which Specialist(s) are you?

  • Control Specialists – Like Decision Making, Getting Things Done – Want others to be Efficient
  • Information Specialists – Conscientious, Interested in Detail and Quality – Want others to be correct
  • Harmonising Specialists -  Loyal, Supportive, Dislike fast paced change – Want others to be sincere and mindful of the impact on people
  • Communication Specialists – Creative, Spontaneous, Like to Influence, Share – Want you to be enthusiastic

Learning to play to the strengths of ourselves and others who we work with, acknowledging what makes us all tick, leads to better teamwork and builds great relationships 

3.  Unlock Your Inspiration

Many years ago I attended a workshop that was called “Best Year Yet” - that workshop really moved me; it inspired me to take action because I no longer felt that my job in the corporate world was where I wanted to be.

I came away with a real focus on what mattered to me – my personal values of Learning, to support other people to get out of “Stuck” and “Frustration”, Independence, Integrity, Feeling that I’ve made a difference – these became the foundations of my business


Not sure what your core values are?  Ask yourself

  • What in life is most important to me?  Come up with a list of 7 things e.g. Money, freedom to work the hours I choose, 
  • Then for each one ask, What does that mean for me?    e.g. for Money -  It means I’ve achieved something, or I feel financially secure
  • Therefore, 2 of my values are:  sense of achievement, financial security

When your values are missing from your life, you can feel out of sorts and demotivated.  Now you need to take action to get those things back into your life 

4.  Have Clear Goals

Remember the old saying “if you don’t know where you’re headed, that’s where you’ll end up”?

Know what you want out of life. If that feels to big a question think about what you'd like more of - what excites and inspires you?  Then, what would you like less of in your life - what are you tolerating or putting up with?   

Create a sense of purpose, something to aim for and then take positive action towards it. 

5.  Clear the Path

Observe, Listen to Your Inner Guide and Understand the obstacles and challenges that you face.  Think about how you can:

  • Reduce them,
  • Remove them or
  • Agree that they exist and accept why they cannot be changed. 

6.  Make Your Heart Sing

Do something every day that makes your heart sing.  Reconnect with things you enjoy doing, that make you smile, laugh or feel really content.

We can't be on top of the world all day everyday, life has a habit of getting in the way of that.  However, we can take steps to ensure that our loss of mojo is short-lived.

As Steve Jobs said:

“If you haven’t found it yet – keep looking”

Michelle Tranter

Career SOS, Work-Life Balance & Professional Development Coach,

The World of Work can often be a challenging place to be. Are work worries keeping you awake? Are you facing redundancy? Have you fallen out of love with your career? Do you want life to be different? ​I'm Michelle Tranter, a qualified Career, Leadership and Life Coach, HR Practitioner and Trainer, with many years' experience of working in the real world - the ups and downs of managing a team, the wrath of autocratic management, being “dumped in at the deep end,” restructures, a crazy busy workload with no let up and often left feeling that I was dancing to someone else’s tune and not living my life. I've supported 100's of professional women, from all sectors, to take positive action and develop flourishing careers. Work and life are intertwined and you, the human behind your job title, are in the driving seat. Why not contact me and we'll have a chat about how I can help: *Featured Expert for Abintegro - the Career Development Portal *Featured Expert in Psychologies Magazine *Creator of "How to create a happy and productive work from home lifestyle" for Psychologies LifeLabs