Anxiety Antidotes

3 Simple Suggestions To Beat The Winter Blues I'm always being asked for my top tips on dealing with stress so here are three ways.

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Calm your mind with classical music, even if it’s not your usual genre (e.g. my usual choice is jazz) take a chance open your mind and listen to a nice classical piece. Ask a friend for a recommendation, tune into Classic FM, go to Spotify or YouTube and type in classical music until you find a piece that resonates best with you. 

Apparently baroque is best music to have playing in the background whilst studying, so if you’re getting ready for work, or doing some household chores treat yourself to something calming and different.


I downloaded the Gayatri Mantra (Google the meaning) which I found incredibly peaceful. I noticed that after I’d listened to it for a while it, it seemed to continue  playing in the background of my mind. I noticed a nice level of mental peace descending. I turn to it now whenever I need to de-clutter my mind and it works a treat.


In our age of abundant technology many of us feel spaced out and insulated from the earth. Walking around in rubber soled trainers and padded foot wear means we miss some of the finer signals from the earth and this can contribute to feeling even more disconnected and separate.


Connect to the earth; she’s warm and nurturing! Don’t take my word for it, walk barefoot on some grass and see how long it is before your feet feel the warmth of  Gaia.  The energy that comes up from the earth through the feet stimulates hundreds of nerves in the legs and brings with it a sense of connection you may feel it as a tingling or pulsing sensation.  When you consider that no matter where we are in the world we are held by gravity to mother earth it seems daft not to spend a little time tuning in to it.




Susan D Smith

I specialise in working with anxiety, panic attacks, anger and stress. With over 28 years experience I'd like to help you to feel better and to have more control over your thoughts and behaviours. I have lots of life-changing tools to facilitate your change.