Finding your flow...

Life happens regardless of who you are, the question is how to we live our best life and truly live not just exist? By being in flow enables us to be free, content and happy.

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Hello 🌎 

I’m Zoe, very passionate about people, our mindset and how we act, 💭 and feel as humans. 

I’ve just launched Flow Meditation as I’m 100% certain that through the power of meditation we live the best life possible. I’m educated in Psychology, human resource, coaching and other therapies and techniques that combined will help to shift perspective and thinking.  I offer one to one and group / corporate workshops, personal development and transitional coaching.

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Zoe Walters

People Expert, Coach, Psychology, NLP,

People Expert, Coach Personal Development + Awareness, Meditation & Mindfilness Teaching, Life long learner, FCIPD qualified in Human Resources, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Applied Psychology, Curious, exploratory, lover of getting sh*t done.