Getting Ready to Succeed and Get Your Next Job

I work with people who need a bit of a helping hand to rediscover what makes them shine, be energised and succeed. This post gives you a few tips and a structure to prepare to do yourself proud through a job selection process

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Quite a few of my clients come to coaching as part of their preparation for a new job. May be when they’ve seen a dream job advertised. Might be when they are hunting for the next role but aren't quite certain as to what it might be.  

It usually only takes one or two sessions to help a client get “match fit” - usually when they know what they are aiming for, are already fairly  clear on their values, strengths and how to prepare and perform well throughout the selection process.  

I still remember the first time I worked with someone to support their success in securing a new role.  I’d been working with this person on an exciting partnership transformation project. He was great at what he did but was disillusioned and a bit ground down with his, then, current employer. No prospects for advancement and a culture that was increasingly at odds with his core values. 

The chance to get voluntary redundancy (VR) arose and he decided to jump into the unknown and see what happened.  He went for several interviews - his first in many years - and wasn’t successful. His confidence was getting bashed and I picked up that things were getting a bit scary. Whilst the VR gave a short term safety blanket he had to get a job pretty quickly to support his family.  

After a quick chat one day, I offered to put together  a work pack to help him prepare for an interview the following week. Diary stuff meant that we couldn’t meet face to face so virtual self coaching was the best we could do.  Using my own experience as a recruiter and my knowledge and coaching skills, I developed  a work pack that looked at what happens in the selection process from a series of different angles - will, experience, fit, confidence, mindset, business need, values, strengths, evidence, models  and practicalities.  

He used the pack as a self help tool after a short telephone briefing from me and got his dream job.  Subsequently I’ve used the pack to support face-face coaching sessions with several clients with a good deal of success. With some people we start way back by looking at values, strengths, interests and drivers to determine which direction they want to take their careers. With others the focus is very much around the practicalities of understanding business drivers and presenting evidence for a specific interview.   

Having a method to shape your preparation and performance at interview can make a massive difference and you can do a lot yourself to prepare .  The checklist below, from the resource pack I use with coaching clients,  is a start. Hope it helps

If you’d like to find out  a bit more about my career coaching programmes please get in touch for  a chat.

 Good luck Sandra. 

A bit about me

As a former Chief Executive, I now work as an independent coach and mentor. I love my work as a coach and get great satisfaction and joy from watching my clients grow and succeed

My clients often describe their work with me as challenging, energising, thought provoking and practical. Take a look at my Linked In page to get a feel for how client's see their experience of investing in coaching

Outside of my coaching work, I paint a bit, sew bright. flowery fabric together to make quilts, help run a community Arts Festival and support my husband's studio glass business

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Sandra Whiles

Director, Sandra Whiles Coaching Ltd

I work with people who need a bit of a helping hand to rediscover what makes them shine, be energised and succeed. I love my work as a coach, helping people, organisations, groups, teams and partnerships succeed and supporting small businesses to transform their ideas into reality. All of my work is grounded in a coaching approach and builds on my experience and success in shaping and leading individuals, teams, organisations and partnerships over many years. Before setting up my business in 2016, I worked for 35 years in the public sector. My last job was as Chief Executive for Blaby District Council in Leicestershire, described as "a great council" by the LGA in 2015 with very high levels of public satisfaction and staff engagement. Having trained with Barefoot Coaching Ltd, I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, hold a postgraduate certificate in coaching from the University of Chester, have done specialist training in Team Coaching and am a qualified NLP Practitioner. Sustainability is very important to me, so my work is designed and delivered in ways that give clients tools and approaches to use to maintain and build on their successes after their work with me is completed.