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Psychologies launches Laughter Lab with Stand Up For Women

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Stand Up For Women is thrilled to be teaming up with Psychologies to launch the Laughter Lab – where funny women (and men too!) whether professional comedians or readers can ‘show off their funnies’ - from blogs to short video ‘blaps’ (there’s even talk of prizes..)!

Why Stand Up For Women?

Stand Up For Women is here to make sure there is a big comedy gala, on TV every year raising tonnes of awareness and money for women’s charities. We are the ‘Comic Relief’ for women.

And it’s desperately needed. Women’s organisations have to survive on a tattered old shoe-string of a budget, despite the fact that they are urgently needed to help the 10 million women who experience violence in the UK. Let alone the millions more women and girls who are routinely discriminated against or harassed at work, at school or by simply walking down the street.

Ok that’s enough of the serious stuff. Because, just like Comic Relief, our solution is .. laughter. We’ve already held 2 comedy galas, launching at a West End theatre with headliners like Jack Whitehall, Lucy Porter, Andi Osho and Josie Long. And, with supporters like Rory Bremner, Bridget Christie, Stewart Lee and Shazia Mirza our plans just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Send in your Funnies

So what can you do? Well, we all know the healing power of laughter. So send in your ‘funnies’ – whether irreverent belly laughs, or drolly ironic.. Get Blogging! Get Blagging! We’ll be posting our faves and you could win a prize .. so watch this space.

Stand Up For Women

Comedy For Equality!, -

Comedy Shows.. Vids .. Games. We're supporting women's rights with a heavy emphasis on humour in the process! Join our supporters Caroline Quentin .. Rory Bremner .. Jack Whitehall .. Shazia Mirza .. Lucy Porter .. Bridget Christie .. Sara Pascoe .. Luisa Omielan .. Josie Long .. Billy Bragg and many more.


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