So now body creases are a Thing

'Thighbrows' might just be the most ridiculous body trend you've (hopefully) never heard of

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Okay, so I am clearly very late to the party on this. What can I say - I mostly avoid glossy mags (Psychologies excepted OBVIOUSLY, because it has an actual brain) and I don't watch the sort of television programmes that have overgroomed women shrieking at each other in weird hybrid accents. So when I picked up a copy of Grazia (everyone has their foibles and at least it's not the Daily Mail so shut up) and found an article about something called a 'thighbrow', I was AGOG.

To give them credit, Grazia are clearly against such silliness and all power to them for that. But a quick google showed me that whilst I was living in blissful ignorance, in some parts of society the thighbrow really was becoming a Thing:

WHAT EVEN IS THIS WEIRDNESS??? Okay, so those women do at least have something akin to 'normal' body shapes (even if 'normal' here means 'daily training and in-house nutritionists'), but how the hell is the crease in a bit of skin an actual Thing? The next thing will be 'sexy elbows', and we all know that elbows are made of chicken skin and sandpaper.

Seriously, get over it. Find something else to focus on - healthy living, say, or how to love your weird ankles. Yeah so I know we're all up with the body positive stuff and this is just silliness and a bit of fun, BUT PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ THIS STUFF AND BELIEVE IT. So now it's okay to be a bigger body shape, but only if it folds in the right places?

Stuff that. Stuff it sideways with a massive hedgehog. And then eat some cake.

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