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Mindfulness is much talked about as a meditation method and as a way of living in the now. I apply it to my life with creativity and help others to do the same. Often though, it is easier said than done. We can take our eye off the ball and before we know it, things can start to unravel. This is what happened to me.

Last September my youngest child started full time school. I wanted to get on with so many things that I tied myself up in knots. I was so ambitious that I attempted way more than I could manage without allowing for such situations like both my children picking up all the bugs going around and being off school for almost an entire half term. Yes, I was truly grateful to be able to look after them, but I didn’t get very much work done.

What I thought was me ‘catching up’ then led to an unhealthy focus on ‘work’. An over estimation of what I could realistically achieve in the time I had available; a slow descent into overwhelm, burnout and isolation. All with an undercurrent of fear. Fear of all the not–being–good-enough things. Fear of criticism, ridicule and judgement. Not to mention imposter syndrome and basically fear of everything going wrong. Which, of course it did. Well almost.

When I came up for air and looked around, surveying the chaos I had created, I saw that two things had occurred.

One, I had actually created some brilliant courses and programs that can really help people, based on what had helped me so I know that they work.

Two, through my research into what was really happening and why, it turns out that all those fears are actually experienced by most people. The ones who enjoy success are not some magical fear-free beings, but those who have pushed past the fear and learned to live with it. This was good news indeed!

I studied and learned about emotions and their relationship with feelings and thoughts. I decided to keep on top of what had been sneaking into my head without my noticing. I made a Mindful Mood Manager. I also got some amazing essential oils designed especially for emotional wellbeing.

The Mindful Mood Manager is a printable creative workbook. It contains seventeen pages, which is one month’s worth of tuning into how you feel. Each page has two outlines of your ‘self’ to colour in plus space for two days notes. Next to your coloured in ‘self’ are three spaces to write in; I FEEL… I AM… I CAN… there is also an inspirational quote to help you stay on track. At the end of the month you can look back and see how you have felt with the help of an emotional colour wheel. This enables you to notice any patterns or triggers. The main purpose here is to be able to catch yourself before you fall.

I have found this so helpful that I’m inviting you to join me for the month of October. It takes just a few minutes a day and can change your outlook and help you become better friends with yourself. You can rejoice when the sun comes out and if the clouds begin to gather then you know it is time to look for support.

So, please join me in the Mindful Mood Manager Challenge for the month of October by clicking HERE.

This is going to be a wonderful journey and I would love to share it with you,

Sophie X

Sophie Walker

Mindful Creativity Practitioner, Artist and Writer., Attentive Art

I'm an Artist who studied psychology and mindfulness to help myself overcome some of life's challenges. Now I help others to do the same using creativity and psychology. I believe creativity holds the key to the enjoyment of life and I want to help everyone to feel good about yourself and your life.


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over 3 years ago

Hi, this sounds like a lovely idea, so I tried to follow the links. However, I was only able to find Error 404 pages. Maybe it is just me, but I wanted to give you a heads up if it wasn't.  Sending lots of best wishes for October, I am presently Hygge-ing my home.