Passing on a kindness

Art Director Vanessa Grzywacz spreads a little Christmas kindness…

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We all know Christmas is looming. For me, after some unexpected and rather large extra expenses to deal with this month, I was starting to panic about being able to afford to do any Christmas shopping. Last weekend however, an envelope arrived for me with some money-off vouchers for a leading retailer kindly sent to me by my mother-in-law. I tucked them into my purse, thinking "that will be handy for Christmas shopping".

On the following weekend, I headed out shopping with my children. A couple of tantrums, one visit to Santa's Grotto and a toy store later, I managed to go to the shop I wanted to go to and look for some presents. As I was waiting to pay, I remembered my vouchers in my purse. When I took them out, I realised I actually had 6, so I approached everyone in the queue and asked them if they wanted 25% off their shopping. I was met with "thank yous", "how kind of you" and "isn't that a nice thing to do?" comments. The whole queue started chatting about their plans for Christmas and what we were all going to do with our families and friends. Suddenly, the stress of an afternoon shopping with a toddler and a 4-year-old paled into insignificance. It was a small kindness on my part, but hopefully one that made a difference to someone's shopping trip that day.

Vanessa Grzywacz

Art Director, Psychologies magazine