The Benefits of Creativity and Play in Daily Life

The benefits of play for children have long been documented, but there is increasing evidence to show that the use of play, (and the attitude of playfulness) and creativity can promote a sense of wellbeing in adults in daily life and in the workplace.

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Why Play?
In the ever-increasing pressure of the modern, busy lives we lead, we have seen an increase of success, but also of anxiety-related conditions; There are many other antidotes to stressful life; exercise, meditation/mindfulness practice, and I would argue, creativity and playfulness are another excellent string to the bow as an antidote to the stressful, pressurised environments and situations we often find ourselves in.

Ongoing benefits of Play – Play is a serious business! There is much research into the benefits of play in the workplace, and the ongoing impact of an approach which embraces playfulness and a means of lowering stress and increases productivity through joy rather than pressure.  Play is rich in transferable skills –regular involvement in a creative, playful activity has been shown to lower stress, boost confidence. It can also promote the ability to collaborate, think on our feet in new or challenging situations and most of all, it’s fun!

Here are a couple of quotes which I believe sum up why we should all be bringing elements of play into our daily lives:

“…There is a kind of magic in play. What might seem like a frivolous or even childish pursuit is ultimately beneficial. It’s paradoxical that a little bit of “nonproductive” activity can make one enormously more productive and invigorated in other aspects of life.” Dr Stuart M. Brown Jr. Founder, National Institute of Play

"Laughter reduces mental tension and increases energy, enabling you to stay focused and accomplish more. Both sides of the brain are stimulated during laughing encouraging clarity, humour and creativity and better problem solving ability." Sebastian Gendry, Expert in Laughter for Wellness and Founder of Laughter Online University

Jessica Shaw

Director PACT Creative training, PACT Creative Training

Jess is the founder of PACT Creative Training (Play, Act, Create, Transform). She has 20 years' experience facilitating workshops using fun and playfulness in order to boost wellbeing and lower stress. Jess runs creative team building events for companies, Staff INSET Training in Schools and wellbeing-through-play workshops for children & young people in schools.