Has Work become a 4-letter word?

Feeling miserable about work can happen for so many reasons – it doesn’t have to be like that – you can change things! These 7 steps will help....

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7 Steps to change it!

  •  Say it as it is

By taking stock of your situation and understanding what is, and is not, working for you, you can get really clear about why you are feeling as you do.  Action: Divide a sheet of paper in 2 and write down all the positives and negatives about your work that you can think of.

  •  Make the decision to change things

Sometimes it’s easier to stay with things as they are, afterall change can be scary or put in the “too difficult to do” pile.  Action:  Decide now that you will at least try to change things, staying still could mean another 12 months of being miserable

  • Open your mind to the possibilities

Take the blinkers off; before you start to let the little voice in your head, or the naysayers deter you.  Action: dream big, wild and wide and note down every idea about how you’d like work to be, that comes to mind.

  • Know who you are and what you have to offer

Who we are is made up of all the knowledge and skills we’ve learnt and the experiences we have encountered during our lives; this makes us all wonderfully unique.  Action:  Capture a note of everything you are proud of that has happened, everything you have achieved and any barriers/obstacles that you have overcome

  •  Explore the options

No matter what the situation, there are always choices.  Some will appeal to you others will be a definite “no, no”.  Action:  Take a look at your answers to the 2 steps above - possibilities and knowing who you are. What themes do you notice?  Can you make any links? If there were no obstacles, what changes would you like to make? 

  • Y Wait?

You could get this far and put everything away to be discovered in a few months’ time.  Can you hear yourself saying “I’ll come back to this when I have more time, …when it’s not so scary….when I have more information”  Procrastination only serves us well when it keeps us from real danger.  Action:  Commit to taking 1 small piece of action, if not today, this week!

  •  Just one step

It’s an old cliché but very true that “a journey of 1000 miles starts with just one step.” What can you do? Action:  Make the plan, or talk to someone or start some research, anything, do just one thing and start your work-life change trip – you’re already one step nearer!

If you’d like some help finding work, tackling work worries or developing your career, I can help.  I specialise in helping Mid-Life Professionals, Managers & Business Leaders find their Sanity, Confidence and Passion again

Michelle Tranter

Career SOS, Work-Life Balance & Professional Development Coach, www.achievemorelivemore.com

The World of Work can often be a challenging place to be. Are work worries keeping you awake? Are you facing redundancy? Have you fallen out of love with your career? Do you want life to be different? ​I'm Michelle Tranter, a qualified Career, Leadership and Life Coach, HR Practitioner and Trainer, with many years' experience of working in the real world - the ups and downs of managing a team, the wrath of autocratic management, being “dumped in at the deep end,” restructures, a crazy busy workload with no let up and often left feeling that I was dancing to someone else’s tune and not living my life. I've supported 100's of professional women, from all sectors, to take positive action and develop flourishing careers. Work and life are intertwined and you, the human behind your job title, are in the driving seat. Why not contact me and we'll have a chat about how I can help: www.achievemorelivemore.com/book-online *Featured Expert for Abintegro - the Career Development Portal *Featured Expert in Psychologies Magazine *Creator of "How to create a happy and productive work from home lifestyle" for Psychologies LifeLabs