TLC's second Happiness Club

Find out here what happened when TLC held its' second Happiness Club

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Saturday 7th November arrived and I was both excited and admittedly a little anxious about TLC’s second Happiness Club. Since the first however I had received more interest in attendance and I felt optimistic that I now had an idea of what I was doing! I also knew that if all else failed the venue itself would provide its own source of entertainment in the form of tea and cake! 3o’c soon arrived and so did people! There were, including myself and Sally (shop owner), 8 of us in total! And this was with the absence of my mum, dad and sister who attended in support of the first Happiness Club (apologies sent).

It was quite fitting, given the new members in attendance, that following Action for Happiness Charity’s ‘Ten keys to happier living’ at today's club we would be ‘relating’ to others.

After a welcoming introduction I decided to begin activities with ‘Human Bingo’, often used as an icebreaker, the idea being that you fill the boxes with people’s names, the boxes ask questions such as ‘who likes Italian food’ or ‘who owns a dog’ and the activity had my HC members interacting whilst learning things about each other.

After bingo we then used the ‘discussion points’ laid out in Psychologies magazine to discuss the challenges of connecting with new people and ways to make a happier community around us. After fruitful discussions were had I asked my members to ‘bond’ further by writing a poem about Happiness. Although initially I had put forward to work in pairs and 3’s the group decided that they would prefer to work together as a whole; this is their poetry creation!




Please because


New friends

Everyone is


Special with

Cake we


Under the


The cake reference refers to secretly hiding cake from others, under the bed! and caused some humour amongst the group during our earlier discussion! The hour flew by and before we knew it 4o’c was upon us.

I genuinely believe today was a success; the group connected remarkably well and would all like to attend again, the discussions were insightful, people shared views and invited different opinions, fun was had, cake was eaten, people were happy! What more could we have asked for? But more came and I received a thank you gift today, a beautifully drawn canvas picture, by and from Amy my original HC member! A lovely and thoughtful surprise. I really don’t know what I was worried about, I look forward to the next month’s Happiness Club very much.

The next Happiness Club will be held on Saturday 5th December 2015.

Katie Epton

Life Coach , Esther Esteem ~ previously TLC The Life Coach

Life Coach in Lincolnshire