Want to get past just dreaming about your goals?

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Your unconscious mind is a powerful piece of kit. It runs your body. It stores all your memories. It allows you to do all the automatic things you do without needing to think about them.  Compared to the capacity of the conscious mind to multi-task, your unconscious rocks!

However, the conscious mind is the part of us that provides direction.  You can think of the unconscious as the horse that will get you somewhere at a pace, and the conscious as the rider who is deciding which direction to move in.

We provide direction to our unconscious all the time, through thought. The unconscious is not so good at processing negatives, so 'I must not get up late tomorrow' is not such a useful instruction as 'I will get up on time'.  You move towards what you think about. 

That said, just thinking is not going to take you anywhere, only action does that.  When you imagine a goal, you need to make it a multi-sensory experience, and embody what it will be like to be doing your goal. 

Picturing yourself doing something is not anywhere near as powerful as mentally rehearsing it with all your senses. This is what we see athletes doing before they run a race, playing it through in their mind-body system, practicing in their mind to reinforce all the practice they do on the track.  You can do this with your own life goals too, from fitness to relationships.

Moving towards goals is not so much about whether you want the goal enough as about what you are prepared to do and put up with to get it.  For example, to have a fulfilling relationship you need to be honest with yourself, and with your partner, and talk about the tough stuff as well as to enjoy the nice bits. Without a willingness to make yourself uncomfortable, a desire is just a dream, you have little chance of embodying it.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

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