How to keep that summer feeling

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Today I am summoning my inner goddess as the sun has returned for a final ‘hurrah’, soft Greek music is quietly playing in the background and a deliciously icy cold frappe (in a jar with a fancy paper red and white striped straw) is waiting for when my thirst beckons me.
My inner goddess (name withheld for confidentiality issues) is holding on to the last few days of school holidays. Finally, after 6 weeks I have now only just relaxed and switched to ‘off’ just when I need to switch back ‘on’ again! Or do we need to?

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So how do we keep the inner goddess channelled throughout autumn, let alone the build up towards Christmas and excuse me whilst I scream a huge Mother of Dragons cry for winter….as it will be coming.

My inner goddess is in fact my inner coach. Everyone should have one: they can be handy and ever so kind - not only that but they are completely free. You just need to tap in to them. They are especially useful when the inner critic pipes up and says, ‘leave all that summer stuff behind, no more relaxing, no more enjoyment, get back to it you lazy…bleep’.

You can name your inner coach whatever you like. It’s what it means to you that’s important. It could mean wisdom, inner guide, positive personality traits, the energy force, intuition, kind spirit, self-awareness ... the list goes on. I love the fact that my clients often choose a strong female warrior name for their coach – it’s completely empowering and taps into the tiny Russian doll within – the one that never gets a chance to be given a voice. At first a few clients thought, and I quote, I was ‘off my rocker’, but the more they practised listening to their inner goddess/warrior, the more resilience and control they felt.

If you are interested to know more at this point get in touch  – always a free telephone consultation (I’d like to say it is half an hour, but it never is - I am working on my boundaries when it comes to this!).

What I am asking is why do we decide to switch on/off - it’s very black and white and you all know I love colour? So, what else can we do? How can we elongate that summer vibe into an autumn explosion of rusts, mustards, clarets, fern greens and pumpkin shades, instead of….black.

When I worked many years ago as a holiday rep, the return transfer was always an eye opener. The moment the happy holiday goers stepped off the coach and into the airport there it was…goodbye relaxed holiday face and hello Game on Face, huffing in the queues and complaining about their holiday washing piles (still in suitcase). Not everyone, but too many. This is my holiday - white; this is the end of my holiday – black. Thank Zeus this was the PMP (pre-mobile phones) era, otherwise there would be an entire line of heads down, neck crocked-in a phone checking posture way – logging into work emails and posting sad emojis on their time line #anotherholidayover

Why do it my friends….We only do it to ourselves. There is nobody screaming at us to tell us to be sad, lose the holiday feeling and return to normality (only ourselves in the form of our inner critic and all-round party pooper). All those wonderful floaty thoughts of calmness, tranquillity, life enhancement and laughter, gone.


My 5 summer feelings for keeps

1. Stop – Look – Listen

Back in the 1980s Darth Vader (David Prowse) launched a campaign about road safety using these very words. He was a wise man and my school friend's next door neighbour (random fact of the day). Little did he know that these three words were to make up the essence of mindfulness - what a trend setter.

Stop - we all tend to stop or at least slow down in the summer, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Set a reminder on you phone to stop for 5 minutes. Sit down, look at your surroundings, absorb your surroundings, see the colour in life - then listen. Perhaps it’s the noise of traffic, music playing or the sound of work colleagues – whatever you hear, it is in the now. Turn off your internal chatter and use 5 minutes to make a difference - you can even close your eyes and visualise your holiday/summer/hazy days.

2. Sunshine

Ηλιοθεραπεία (iliotherapeía)  is the Greek word for sunbathing. It literally translates as Sun Therapy, which says it all. The Summer Sizzler of 2018 has been a scorcher. After a prolonged period of cold we then enjoyed what was reported to be the 2nd hottest summer on record. Losing this golden ball of fire will be a shock - I already felt it last week when we returned to sub zero temperatures #dramaqueeen

How do we keep sunshine in our lives? Well, apart from a perpetual holiday somewhere hot – not entirely feasible for most. I and many others I know have realised the importance of outside life this year - experts and professionals have been advocating this for years, but it’s only when we feel the benefits of continuous outside living that we stop and listen and think ‘yeah, I like this’. Wrap up, go outside more, kick the autumn leaves about and breathe deeply. Alternatively, instead of posting all your holiday snaps, print them off and make a collage or pop them on your vision board. Seeing is believing

3. Change of routine – #begonegroundhog

Now this is my favourite - mixing things up. Lie ins, late nights, afternoon naps, trips to the seaside at 5pm to get an impulsive fish supper, BBQs,  late breakfast, too much wine #noschoolnight and forgetting what day it is – then BOOM

Is it September already? How did that happen?

OK so a little unrealistic to keep going as above, but perhaps there are ways to break the routine – confused? That walk to school, the route to work, the time you leave – perhaps change it? What else do you see? Who else may you bump in to? A new neighbour? Or new neighbourhood cat?

Last week’s blog may have given you some beautiful ideas and I can’t stop thinking ‘what would Eddy do’? #whatwouldeddydo

4.       Go with the FLOW

The summer mantra – so how can we control some of the groundhog day and make it different? Get in the FLOW instead of going with it?

Pick your daily LOVE activity (no, not that): reading, walking, running, cycling, cooking, playing, cleaning, creating, playing guitar or even learning it - whatever switches your mind off - the FLOW.

Although most definitely restricted with the ‘go with the flow’ summer vibe whilst juggling school, work, kids, cats, dogs, deadlines, food shopping, planning and the list goes on - it is a little unreasonable to say ‘hey, just go with the flow’ but you can create your own FLOW.

5.       Reading

Personally, this is what holidays are now all about- the humble art of reading - for some the only time in the year to pick up a book. It is a FLOW activity and not restricted to sun loungers or hotel lounges.

Set yourself a challenge to read ONE book a month/join a book club/meet new people /read summer books

Finally, as the school doors open let’s not shut the summer holiday door, leave it ajar for  bit longer. After all, it is up to you whether you want to take a bit of sunshine through to autumn.

If you are struggling, remember my ‘dip your toes in the water’ session was designed for that summer feeling and keeping it a reality. I’d love to hear from you so get in touch today for your #probablylongerthanhalfanhour free call

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