A good deed

Art Editor Lynne Lanning is pleased to discover her teenage daughter has a kind streak after all!

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While out running with a friend one evening, my teenage daughter heard a smash of glass followed by the shriek of a house alarm. Spooked, they stopped running to look around themselves, only to see a figure emerge from around the side of a house and run away into the darkness. Calling the police, they waited as there was clearly nobody at home, and as they could see an enormous whole in a floor to ceiling window they wanted to guard the house until the police arrived.

A couple of days later a lady knocked on our door holding a couple of bouquets and boxes of chocolates for my daughter and her friend. The lady had traced my daughter through the police and wanted to thank her for her act of kindness, which had prevented anything further from being stolen. The lady had been very fortunate in that her house alarm had thwarted the robbery, and because my daughter and her friend had not wanted to leave the scene until the authorities had arrived, she wanted to reward both the girls for their sense of doing the right thing.

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Lynne Lanning

Art Editor, Psychologies