What to do when you feel up in the air

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Sometimes people find themselves making decisions that in hindsight just don't make sense. You might look back and wonder how on earth it seemed the right thing to do. This may be a repeated experience. 

It's now clear from our expanding understanding of psychology that we are much less of a single, unified, being than we would care to think. We each have a range of aspects to us, different parts or ways of being that come to the fore in different circumstances. In a normally functioning person it may well be that all our different aspects don't even feel that consistent with each other.  Me the mother and me the old school friend may have entirely different energies and ways of acting! 

It is very useful, given our apparent inconsistencies, to have access to a sense of grounded wisdom. A sense of the timeless, quiet voice inside that gives wise counsel, upon which we can rely if we can quieten and tune in sufficiently to hear it. 

To ease our access to our inner wisdom, it can be helpful to have a metaphor or figure in mind that acts as an entry point to wisdom. This may be a person in our life, a mythical, historical or spiritual figure, or someone from our past that we remember as wise. Getting a good sense of who or what evokes wisdom for us, and bringing them to mind when we are in need of some inner stillness and guidance can be very useful. 

 To embed a sense of wisdom in your mind-body system, it may be useful to work with a therapist offering Attachment-Focused EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). This therapy works with the mind-body system to heal disconnects between aspects of our experience and to enable you to embody and bring to bear all that is best in you.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

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