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How to start sharing your knowledge with the Life Labs community...

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Creating content on Life Labs couldn't be easier. You can create posts on topics that highlight your coaching specialism, create videos that speak to your audience or upload documents - the choice is yours. 

Publish as many posts as you like. The more content you share, the more the Life Labs community will be able to see where your expertise lies and how you might be able to help them. 

To create content, simply click the pen and paper icon at the top right of the homepage:

This will take you to this screen, which gives you the content options available: 

To create a post, click on 'POST':

In the above example there is a title, an introduction and the body where you can share your thoughts/expertise. This box has all the functions you can expect from a blogging platform - bolding, underline, italics, bullet points etc. You can also easily add in imagery to the body of your post, as well as videos and grids. Another way to strengthen your post is with external links to your research/books written/talks given etc. 

On the right hand side of the page (shown above) you can choose where your post will appear. Always make sure you tick 'Barefoot Coaches Channel' to ensure your content appears in the right area. Your content can appear in several different channels if relevant. 

It is very important to add an image to your posts so that they stand out to our community. We will also only choose posts with images to appear in the sliding header on the homepage. 

To upload a video, click the video icon and upload a saved video from your desktop. Once uploaded, you can edit your video and give more information about it to all users. You can also start a video panel too. 

Another option for content is to upload a PDF document formatted from PowerPoint. Or, ask a question to the community to strike up a discussion! There's many options to promote yourself and your business. 

If you come across any issues publishing your content, please contact us. 

Ellen Tout

Psychologies Eco Living Editor, features writer and digital, Psychologies

I am a freelance journalist and writer, working primarily as Psychologies Eco Living Editor, digital editor and features writer. I love the outdoors – walking with my dog, hiking, swimming, camping – and this has fuelled my passion for sustainable and eco-friendly living. I am currently also writing a monthly 'Eco Worrier' column for Psychologies. Follow me on social media, and in the magazine, for more.


Go to the profile of Palena Neale
about 3 years ago

Hi Ellen, I am new to LifeLabs - excited to be on board. I have a questing re posting or more precisely cross-posting. Can I use my posts from my website (which may also appear on LinkedIn) and re-post them here? Or does it need to be new and/or different content? Many thanks!

Go to the profile of Ellen Tout
almost 3 years ago

Hi Palena. Welcome. Try to think about refreshing the content for our audience, but if there's something you've written previously that you can use then feel free to repurpose it. Thanks