Make every day an opportunity for change

There are some conditions that bring about transformational learning and others that inhibit it.

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As adults, many of us exist in a state of 'non-learning'. Non-learning occurs when our experience conforms to our mental models or to our everyday norms. Non-learning can also occur when we are too busy to reflect on an experience or because we do not change our mind-sets.

It is often said that we don’t experience transformational learning or change unless we have enough pain in our current situation or the promise of enough pleasure in a different, future situation. But wherever you are in your life, there are opportunities for transformative learning.

Every day can be transformational if we can get out of the state of non-learning. This means:

  • Finding people in your life who can be empathetic provocateurs – people who will challenge, support, provoke, question, praise and appreciate you
  • Actively seeking feedback from people whose opinions you trust and respect
  • Taking the time to stop and ask yourself “Where are my current behaviours taking me? Where will I be if I continue in the same way?” Associating everyday behaviours with possible long-term outcomes is key to bringing about transformational learning
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Acknowledge your assumptions and biases and learn to question them. Ask yourself “What am I assuming about this, which is stopping me from changing?”
  • Develop an attitude of curiosity and open-minded wonder
  • Listen more and for longer
  • Ask more questions
  • Make time to reflect on your experiences and evaluate what went well and what didn’t go well
  • Put yourself in new situations and experience the discomfort of change and of not-knowing

Kim Morgan

CEO, Barefoot Coaching Ltd

With 25 years’ experience working in the coaching industry, I have seen what it takes to create great leaders, engaged individuals, successful teams and outstanding organisations. I believe in the power of coaching for everyone, from CEOs to parents and families. I am a practicing coach, trainer of coaches and coaching supervisor, a keynote speaker, an author and Psychologies Magazine columnist.