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This short guide shows how your Life Labs profile will appear in the Coaches Directory...

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On accepting your invitation to Life Labs, you will have been directed to this page:

Here you filled out all of your company details, coaching specialisms and areas served, as well as your password for Life Labs. Once you confirmed your account, you were taken to the homepage of Life Labs. From this page, you can now add more information and contact details to your profile - including a profile picture.

As you were invited to the platform as a coach, the information you fill in for your profile will automatically populate your directory listing here. So it's important to give as much information about who you are and what you do for our users. 


Ellen Tout

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I am a freelance journalist and writer, working primarily as Psychologies Eco Living Editor, digital editor and features writer. I love the outdoors – walking with my dog, hiking, swimming, camping – and this has fuelled my passion for sustainable and eco-friendly living. I am currently also writing a monthly 'Eco Worrier' column for Psychologies. Follow me on social media, and in the magazine, for more.