The Call of Consciousness

Do you hear the whisper of consciousness calling you? Are you ready to answer?

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Is higher consciousness better than lower consciousness?

I believe Yes and No. It is a choice. My journey has taught me well.

The higher consciousness we grow into and access, the easier and more difficult life gets.

More choices become available, more joy is felt, greater creative ideas land in our visions, life becomes more balanced and varied, we have more energy, we access out of this world wisdom we didn’t know existed, relationships deepen and heal, more experiences present themselves, less fear more courage. It is endless and it is life affirming.

But growing in consciousness also brings more pain as the light shines on all the hurt we hid in the dark and the farthest corners of our being. It can bring overwhelm as we realize all the potential that lies ahead, and fear when we discover what we have to leave behind to get there, it can bring pain as we realize we have noone to blame and praise but ourselves for all in life - we are the source of all the Good(ass)ness and Bad(ass)ness, no one else. The frustration as we realise also other people have better choices available for themselves and the world, but choose not to.

It is not uncommon to reach a point where we wish we had stayed in oblivion, stayed in the dark, that we didn’t know what we now know - knowing that we will never be able to go back.

When I started my own journey for real, I was so overjoyed with the new gained consciousness and power that I thought it was a path all people should take. I was blind now I can see. You need glasses too.

I still wish and hope that many more will come along on this path. But I understand if they don’t.

A true, sustained and deep transformation of consciousness is not for the faint hearted. It takes a warrior's spirit, a mother's love, a father's determination, a child’s innocence, an artist's creative urge, an adventure's courage, it takes the stillness of the dark and the power of the sun, a tiger's roar and the wisdom of an owl. And knowing that it all reside within you. 

If you hear the whispering through the clutter of your mind. If you feel the itch in the depths of your being. I hope that you will answer. And I hope that you will keep walking even when doubt takes root in your mind and the tiredness becomes too much. Know that you are supported. You can’t not be.

Maiken Piil

Executive coach, Conscious leadership expert and spiritual mentor, Connect To Purpose

I'm in love with the power of consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. I'm a teacher of consciousness. I'm a spiritual advisor. I coach people, who wants more from life. I coach business leaders into their full potential. I help my clients to expand their level of mind and thinking in order to step into the power of their truth and become a creative force for good in the world. Power, Truth and Transformation are my tools. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?


Go to the profile of Simon Confino
about 3 years ago

Beautiful, challenging and uplifting!

Go to the profile of Maiken Piil
about 3 years ago

From the heart, thank you, Simon.