The 40 plusser body - what's not to love?

Welcome to my blog, I am not invisible or dead, I am a 40 plusser. This blog is a 40+ woman’s take on modern day lifestyle, championing the fact that at this 40+ age we are more alive than ever. Time for some Body Talk?

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In your 20 plusser years remember the scare stories that were told of a time in the future where every part of your body would, and I quote, ‘head south’. Our lives as we know it, would be over. A sack of potatoes, bingowingsitus would surely kill us and the rubbery/leather look would make us physically repulsive to all of mankind. A type of Horror Story told to ‘us pesky kids’ to forever dread getting older. Move over ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ and hello ‘Tales of What to Expect’.  


These fables were usually told by older women with complete hatred for the younger generation and a need to project their own insecurities onto 20 plussers. What we do know is that bodies do change, from having children, operations, illnesses and nature. It is how we perceive ourselves and others that makes the difference. Would you say those things to your teenage daughter/niece/sister/or any other younger female person? Absolutely not! 


When I heard these ‘tales of doom’ in my 20 plusser years, I was at peace with NOT looking like Cindy Crawford or Elle (The Body) Macpherson when I reached 40 because my body image and perceptions were in fact…mine and  I believed that if I didn't look like CC and E the body M in my 20 plusser years, how the hell was I going to achieve it age 40 plus!! I have researched, polled and talked to many 40 plussers and all have different views from woman to woman. However, most reported that they are more confident now than ever before. There’s a lot to be said for growing older. For those of you who don’t feel as confident, I’d like to help. Take it from ME a plus sized, 50 year old woman who has changed body shape more time than Oprah, but is now at peace and in acceptance. 




 I think this is key, we’ve all been influenced by others starting from a young age. It is only in the 40 plusser years we start unravelling these younger years and the misconceptions versus what is the truth. The change is not in your body, but in your mind. The decision is up to YOU,  as an individual, to love your body or hate your body, either way you’ll be right. Self-care teaches us to be kind to ourselves, so love what nature has given you.  


There is so much coverage in the press and media - I refuse to mention a certain reality TV show by name - but no portrayal of body diversity there.  ONE size doesn’t appeal to all and the fact that looking fit is valued higher than having anything interesting to say has killed off years of films, documentaries and real-life stories showing the opposite - let alone the effect it is having on our children’s vulnerable and impressionable young minds.   


As a life coach who works not only on the inside but the outside, too, body image is always a hot topic of conversation, from confidence issues to what to wear to an interview when ‘my old work clothes’ no longer fit. This issue is REAL and I am a life coach for REAL WoMEn, so if you've had enough of all this negative self-talk, NOW is the time to STOP!


All I ask is for 30 minutes of your time to talk together, that’s it. Email herefor a time that suits you - now let’s get down to some Body Talk!


Over the next month I will be reflecting on the TOP 4 BODY PARTS through the eyes of  our wonderful REAL 40 plusser women


Starting this week with



Remember the infamous Wonder Bra campaign modelled by Eva Herzigova  - ‘Hello boys’ - which not only stopped traffic but caused crashes. The early 90s ad was slammed by feminists, but millions of women rushed to the shops to buy their bras of structural delight. Eva, now in her 40 plusser years and a mother of three children, is probably proud of that shot. Hell I would be!


So, what happens to ‘the girls’ as 40 plussers? They can tell a few stories. May have fed a few hungry children. Sighed in despair at onlookers/oglers. Changed size, shape, weight and perkiness. Nevertheless, they are your boobs and nobody else’s. Love them, support them (yes pun intended) and appreciate them. On a serious note, it is essential that we check, too, as someone whose mother had Breast Cancer knows only too well. 


Today  I discovered the #saggyboobsmatter campaign started by Chidera Eggerue, who has learned to love her body – saggy boobs and all – and now she wants to help others to do the same.


My god she is only 23 years old and what positive validation it is that through social media you can have a voice, a choice and saggy boobs.


So, my questions to you, my lovelies, would be:

  1. If your boobs could talk what would they say?

  2. If you, like Chidera, were to start a hashtag campaign about your boobs, what would it be?

  3. What underwear brands are your favourites and why?

Email here and let me know your replies, your voice matters!


Next week we will be talking about ‘Bottoms', so if you would like your voice to be heard, please email here and let me know your thoughts or experiences.  

I am singing that Queen song in my head already.....


Stay colourful and cool





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