I’m Perfect! And it is awesome.

If you think celebrating imperfection is a path to liberation and power, you are living in falseness. What is false is not perfection, but the stories about perfection, the relationship to perfection, and the false ideas about what perfection is. If you are curious about the disempowerment that exist in the embracement of imperfection, and the empowerment that exist in perfection - read along.

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When I browse SoMe these days my feeds are filled with people who are occupied with perfection or more precisely; with declaring war on perfection and celebrate the many ways they think they are imperfect.

 And what I see is not a trend, which is authentically or truly liberating anyone. What I see are people, who have just swung into the dysfunctional aspect of another polarity.

Though it can be a sign of waking up, of recognizing falseness and of the beginning a healing journey - which is great and a needed step - embracing imperfection is not a sign of high consciousness, power or alignment within one self. And it is not a path, which is desired to stay on for long if one wants to become a powerful creator and master of this life we have been given.

If you have been sitting too long in ice cold water to gain clarity only to realize that you get weaker and weaker, would you then jump right into boiling water thinking that would be the answer?

Perfection exists and is desirable
What I hear and see are not people who are liberated. I see people who are waking up to the reality that they have been trying very hard to follow or be some ideas about what perfection is. But they were false ideas. Stories made out of distorted truths. They were manipulated ideas internalized as truths.

They have put so much energy into these false ideas of perfection, which because of their falseness could only cause confusion and struggle, that now they turn against perfection.

When waking up to the reality of the falseness they have engaged in, the response is, “Hey perfection must be the problem here”. And they seem to think they liberate themselves by saying “I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be”.

 What is evoked in the embracement of this opposite is just another aspect of disempowerment. It is limiting, false and what seems like a liberation will shortly put you into new struggles.
Because rejecting perfection is rejecting your own full potential. Your ability to create – manifest.

Hanging out in the polarity of imperfection is still keeping you in separation, still keeping you in resistance, still keeping you in inaccuracy, and thus inability to live your full potential.

 It is a usual human response to take the frustration of the struggle and confusion one has experienced out on perfection and the achievement hereof instead of recognizing that perfection never was nor never is the problem. But it doesn’t make it right. Perhaps your ideas were false, and the path you thought you had to achieve it was false. But perfection is fine – it is actually more than that. It is possible, it is awesome, it is liberating and it is the path to the highest mastery of life and creative power.

Perfection is an energetic code
To become a powerful creator and master of life, one needs to embrace and be comfortable with the strive for perfection as well as the idea of perfection.

And if that makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself if you are merely reacting to the many ways that you do not think perfection is possible, that you do not think you have what it takes, to your lack of true understanding of what perfection is, to the fear of feeling inadequate in relation to it? I read claims that if you just master this law or this aspect or integrate this shadow, then you will be able to powerfully manifest. NOT TRUE. What is required is the mastery of many ways, many skills, many tools. What is required is perfection. What you get to then create is perfection.

 And I have to say it is pretty awesome when perfection arise. It comes with a feeling of order, harmony, beauty, there is not resistance, no opposition. There is peace, stability, alignment.  

The mystical notion of the perfected human being exists for a reason.

 Perfection is an energetic code that you embody, and which translates into and intertwined with high mastery and high consciousness. It is a code of integration, ability to powerfully direct energy and shape consciousness and partner with Source, which is needed for powerful manifestation.

 Manifestation is not about vibration or attraction. Consciousness and its relationship to source energy is the only thing which has creative power and ability to influence outcome. And as long as resistance exists in you to the ideas of perfection you keep yourself small and disempowered.

I’ll invite you to integrate the resistance to perfection that exists in you and hope you can find inspiration in some of the ways or understandings below.

  • When you come from soul, you are not occupied with ideas and meaning which ‘self’ attaches to perfect and imperfect. Just as you are not concerned with good or evil. Bad or good. You come from a space of integration and flow. There is no resistance. 
  • Integrate and embrace the knowing that perfection exists now and do not exists now.
  • Be at peace with having more work to do, more stepping up, and more practice while being at peace with where you are
  • Align yourself to a position of neutrality and witnessing in relation to all that perfection triggers.
    Don’t celebrate, don’t ignore, don’t pretend that your imperfections are perfect.
    Let what you call imperfections be a sign of where you still have perfection – healing to do. And look for the deeper truth of what is keeping you from perfection.
  • Spend time with spiritual geometry and let it wake you up to the understanding and deeper truths of perfection. Feel the energetic code that is inherent and available to all of us. Not without doing work, but it is available and it is awesome. 
  • You can tell you start to embody the energetic code of perfection when there is no opposition, resistance in you, which comes from high mastery and is deprived of the ego’s need for meaning-making about the polarities of perfection. 


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