Stumbling With Intention

Solopreneurship isn't always easy - my top five learnings from the journey so far.

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Three words that completely encapsulate my solopreneur journey.

From side hustle passion project to building a passion business, my leap into solopreneurism (is that even a word?) is still pretty new.

I’ve spoken to many entrepreneurs’s and solopreneur’s along the way and they would ask how is it going?  To which I would reply “I know what I am doing but I don’t know what I’m doing,” does that make sense I ask?  Universally, they smile, nod their head and say “that is pretty much how it goes.”

And then came those three little words Stumbling With Intention (thank you Jonathan Fields), a much more articulate way to explain my solopreneur adventure.

I’ve taken many pivots along the way, learned a lot through doing and sharing, but most of all I have trusted my intuition, that what I am creating is needed and that I am on the right path even if it is scary (and exciting).  They go hand in glove.



I have sat across the table from many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and larger corporations over the years and provided advice, direction, connections, and support. I thought I knew enough to go it alone, that I could navigate the road of passion project to passion business.  I turned to friends who are immensely talented and giving but they all have day jobs and despite their desire to help I naturally got bumped down their priority list and that is absolutely ok – it is called life.

The universe intervened.   Julie (amazing business mentor) and I met at an Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) course and worked together on tapping (which I highly recommend and to be covered later) before I even knew what her actual career.

There are no mistakes!   Thank you, Julie, would not be here without your support!


Coined way back in 2009 in Silicon Valley, the pivot became the go to word for changing direction without saying changing direction.  The way I want to engage with you, my tribe has changed, new ideas have sprung forth around what is needed, what journey I want to enable people to take and I found an inner creativity I had long forgotten.

Wild Orange is no longer my endpoint, I now see it is as part of something bigger that is yet to unfold.

Pivoting is a good thing, learn, pivot, learn, pivot.


In the very early days of Wild Orange, it was a thought bubble.  All I knew was that I had a lot of knowledge to share from my own recovery from CFS.  My gut was telling me this was something I had to do.

Fast forward five years from thought bubble to actual passion business and at every step of the way I have trusted my gut even when I wasn’t quite able to articulate what Wild Orange was.  I simply knew I was doing the right thing.

My friends have always been super supportive even when they had no idea what I was trying to create, they believed in me and I trusted my intuition.

I have learned that I need my friends to mirror back to me what I have achieved and how I have grown because so often we cannot see this in ourselves.  My intuition has led me on some interesting paths which did not seem to make any sense until they did!


By action I mean putting yourself in front of people, sharing your gifts, sharing, testing, trusting.

This is so hard for me!

I deploy all sorts of strategies to not be seen!  I love creating, writing strategy, sitting behind my computer anything to avoid face to face contact.  Tara Mohr calls them hiding strategies and I am an expert.  I have learned to move past them, to share, to put myself out there even when it makes me uncomfortable.  Even when I think I am not good enough.

I remind myself if people can’t find me how can I support them in their growth journey?


I can only be me, I write in my own voice, I share it all, the good, the amazing, the scary, the whole package.

My authentic self is what people love, my vulnerability, my creativity, my openness, it is the only way I know how to be.

It is not possible to keep up a façade so why try.  Embrace your whole self, allow people to truly see who you are.  Love who you are.

Keeping putting one foot in front of the other, trust your instincts, step into your creativity, bring your gifts to the world.  Stumble with intention

xo  She is awesome!

Sonja Gibson

Founder - Creator - Connector, Wild Orange

Wild Orange evolved from my struggle to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalopathy (CFS/ME), a life-altering condition. Life stress had pushed my mind and body beyond what it could cope with. The little engine that kept going stopped. Wild Orange is where I share my story, my learnings and the wellness tools I have learned and developed, which support my wellbeing and I hope will assist you, on your wellbeing adventure.