Summer Anxiety

Does Summer Leave You Feeling Upside Down?

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For some individuals summertime can evoke images of pools, picnics and long evening nights.   For others the onset of summer can bring a wave of depression. 

I witness in private practice the effects of summer anxiety. The dramatic change in the temperature, pace of life, loss of routine, absence of support can evoke feelings of anxiety and loneliness which can be destabilising . For some the immense pressure to be seen having fun can cause low moods and depressive states.  Bodies are more visible which can trigger body image issues along with financial worries as summer can be expensive..

It’s important to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and consider your boundaries when there is a pull to be a certain way during the summer months. 

By being aware and accepting that one is suffering and the emotions are not permanent one can begin to create the summer that one needs for the self, rather than for the sake of others.  Self Compassion, Exercise and Mindfulness are great ways to transform ones relationship with summer anxiety. These tools can support individuals to release the struggles of summer anxiety.

Samantha Carbon
Psychotherapist - MSc Psych, CTA (P), UKCP, MBACP
Clinical Supervisor
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Samantha Carbon UKCP Psychotherapist

Samantha Carbon is a psychotherapist running a private practice. Following a background in the financial industry, Samantha set out to follow her true passion and pursue her training as a psychotherapist. Today, Samantha assists people in the process of finding the peace of mind they deserve. In particular she works with individuals with a history of addictive behaviours such as alcohol, drugs, sex & gambling. She works with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, loss, work related stresses and gender dysphoria, as well as couples. She is dedicated to supporting people to identify their self-worth and improve the quality of their lives. She works with corporates in understanding workplace diversity, understanding intolerances and biases.