14 Lies We Self-Administer

We make up stories, seemingly innocuous little fibs, to keep ourselves stuck and out of action. Sometimes we're not even aware that we're doing it. I'm wrestling with number 2. Which lie(s) resonate with YOU?

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  1. If I am perfect, I will avoid criticism and be immune to pain.
  2. My value is based on my output.
  3. I need others to validate my talent, success and good-enoughness.
  4. My past determines my future.
  5. I believe my thoughts, especially the self-critical ones.
  6. Avoiding disapproval will keep me safe and liked.
  7. If I am vulnerable, people will think less of me.
  8. I negatively rehearse what could go wrong, and focus on this. It’s called realism, baby.
  9. When others are short with me, or are in a bad mood, I suspect it has something to do with me.
  10. I must be fully in control at all times – my environment, my diary, my hair…
  11. My personality is fixed. This is how I am.
  12. Life happens to me. I do not have power. Other people have power over me.
  13. Worrying is a way of controlling a situation and it’s outcome.
  14. Living in perpetual resentment means I can keep punishing the perpetrator. This gives me power, control and superiority.

Our inner gremlin is busy at work with its organ grinder, churning out lies that keep us out of action. What lies are you self-administering? Drop by the comment box and let us know.

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about 6 years ago
These are wince-makingly true. A few resonate for me. x