TLC's first Happiness Club

After being inspired by the articles in Psychologies Magazine I decided to start up my own Happiness Club. Read about it here.

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I bought my first issue of Psychologies magazine way back in August 2006, and eventually I've become a regular subscriber, so after reading an article about starting a Happiness Club, taking guidance from Action for Happiness Charity, I was intrigued. Having recently started up on my own as a Life Coach I wondered whether I could combine the two – A TLC Happiness Club! I would put my own spin on the idea and more importantly I would open mine up to the public, after all who doesn't want to be happy?!

After much preparation and finding my perfect venue, a lovely little cake shop across the river, run by an old childhood friend Sally recently reacquainted with, it was here! And Saturday 10th October saw the first TLC Happiness Club.

After a slow trickle of interest the day arrived with an even faster flood of cancellations! Naturally disappointment ensued, but determined my twin sister Kathleen and I headed to the shops to charm some potential HC Members!

3 o'c arrived, and still it seems people are reluctant to attend. Still the show must go on and armed with my sisters words – “If you help just one person to be happier then you have achieved something good”, I carried on as planned.

So there we were sat in the little cake shop, me, my ever so supportive mum and dad, my sister and Amy, who had travelled 14 miles to be with us. These would be my audience, and we would spend the hour talking about what makes us happy and our favourite ‘happy’ memories, and in the spirit of ‘giving’ I handed out goody bags containing handmade smiley face chocolates along with handmade TLC Worry Dolls, and my kind mum paid the bill for the cakes and drinks we enjoyed. I’d bought along a ‘Library’ consisting of various Happiness related books, and Jan-Oct 2015 issues of Psychologies magazine for my HC members to read and borrow. We took photos using my handmade photo prop Smiles and by the end Amy felt like part of the family.

Before we parted ways we took part in a helium Balloon Release, there’s something about the physical letting go of something which is greatly satisfying, on each balloon a tag was tied on which we had written something personal to ourselves - to ‘let go of’. This went down extremely well, we even managed to rope in a stranger who let go of his own balloon.

I think everyone, myself included, took something positive away from the Happiness Club that day.

Interest has resumed for the second session next month, and I'm hoping that those who cancelled will be able to make it this time around, but from all of this I have learnt one important thing, that quality is worth much more than quantity and I thank my small supportive audience today and I wish you happiness always.

This quote came from Amy and we love it –“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”.

TLC’s second Happiness Club takes place on Saturday 7th November.

Katie Epton

Life Coach , Esther Esteem ~ previously TLC The Life Coach

Life Coach in Lincolnshire