​Why I'm thrilled that The Missing One will launch the Psychologies book club.

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When I heard that my novel, The Missing One, had been picked to launch the Psychologies Book Club, I was beside myself with happiness. I’ve been a Psychologies reader for years, and have written several features for Psychologies too. Psychologies readers are smart, creative, questioning, curious, discerning, honest: I really can’t think of a better group of readers for my book (though I’m sure nobody is going to be blindly swallowing any nonsense!).

The Missing One is about a woman called Kal who impulsively takes her toddler, Finn, on a mad search for her mother’s secret past. Kal and Finn end up on the British Columbian coastline, with her mother’s one time best friend, an imposing gallery owner called Susannah. Tensions build, and they find themselves in a dilapidated floating house in a remote island, where things get badly out of hand. This is a story of maternal love and loss, of misunderstandings, fear (and killer whales). As a mother of three, I wanted to write about the immense power of motherhood – as well as the importance of tuning into instinct and intuition. I wanted strong female characters, and a plot that would keep my poor readers awake at night.

The Missing One took several years to write, and there were some false starts - I almost quit after the first draft but I just couldn't let go of my story. So it really is a delight that now I get the chance to talk to you about it, to discuss the characters and themes that have lived so vividly in my head and heart, for so long; to see them all become 'real' - through you.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

To find out more about the Psychologies Book Club, visit:

Lucy Atkins


Author of the novels The Other Child (2015), and The Missing One (2014); award winning author & feature journalist.


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over 7 years ago
It completely kept me up at night! In fact, the whole team were sneaking off during lunchtime to read it. Can't wait to see you at Hay for the launch. x
Go to the profile of Lucy Atkins
over 7 years ago
Music to my ears! I am so excited to be coming to talk about this, and launch the book club at Hay .