Is Your Subconscious Mind Your Friend Or Foe?

Your subconcious mind is running, and perhaps ruining, your life. It's time to get it working FOR you rather than against you!

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Have you ever intended to do something, only to find that you then automatically do something quite different? 

For instance, have you ever decided not to buy any biscuits or chocolates from the supermarket – only to find them in your basket when you get to the checkouts?  

Have you been determined not to get romantically involved with anyone else you just know isn’t good for you ... but yet again here you are in another bad relationship? 

Perhaps you're determined to lose weight, but you keep sabotaging your own efforts and not sticking to the 'plan'.

Baffling and frustrating as this is, it helps to know that it’s probably not your fault! Your subconscious mind might be the cause of your problems.

Strange as it may sound this powerful yet hidden aspect of the mind is running our lives – and yet we aren’t even aware of it happening! 

Our subconscious mind carries the template for how our life 'should' be - and it exists below the level of our conscious awareness. We only see the consequences of its influence upon us.

Isn’t it time you found out just what this ‘mind’ is all about and how it has been affecting your life choices, decisions and outcomes since childhood?

Here are some interesting facts about your sub-conscious mind:

* It is like an ‘auto-pilot’ in the cockpit of your life, and therefore ‘running the show’ about 90% of the time!

* It operates out of awareness and carries out its ‘programming’ – which it believes is for your own good. It's been trying to protect you from harm since childhood, but it can now make things worse for you as an adult.

* It was originally set up in childhood from your young immature brain – and it still contains deep-rooted beliefs which stem from your childhood and the decisions you made about yourself and your life back then.

* According to the experts (such as Prof Bruce Lipton) it can't be changed by talking therapies, self-help books, the conscious mind, the willpower, affirmations or positive thinking. These might only expose it but not change it. It's like the hard-drive of a computer that isn't changed by the use of software.

* It can sabotage your self-concept and self-esteem, your overall health, the relationships you attract, your career and your financial success!

* It ensures that your external life is always a reflection of its own internal belief system.

* It is a MILLION times more powerful than your conscious mind! It can process 40 million bits of information per second, whereas the conscious mind can process only 40 bits per second.

* It can process thousands of events at once, whereas your conscious mind can only process between one and three.

* It monitors all of your internal bodily functions including your breathing, heart-rate, digestion, motor functions, and your chemical and hormone levels.

* It works in literal-present-time only - even though it was formed by the beliefs of your past. It registers all that is seen, heard, and felt. (Whereas the conscious mind functions only in the past and future realms - with its limited processing capacity of only 20 seconds of time - and involves judging what has been, and predicting and planning for what may come in the future.)

So, you can see not only how powerful this 90% of your ‘mind’ is, but also how hard it has been for you to make any impact into its effects – until now!

Help is at hand - and it's self-help!

A few years ago I created a unique therapeutic method which works at the deeper level of the subconscious mind. I also wrote a book about it called 'Into Minds - an introduction to Quantum Psyche Process' - and after using QPP with my clients I have now made it into an online self-help method! (the image above is the one used on the book cover)

Quantum Psyche Process™ reveals, reviews and revises those unhelpful and outdated subconscious beliefs - which have been getting in the way of you having the calm and happy life and relationships that you do really want.

QPP has been carefully designed to change your *S.C.R.I.P.T. (c) - in 24 hours! (*Sub-Conscious-Rules-Influencing-Present-Time)

QPP brings deeper and life-changing improvements to your life by working with the underlying cause - and not just overlaying this with a new belief or image, as some other therapeutic approaches do.

At last you CAN change the auto-pilot’s programming to get you to the destination you want to arrive at!

You CAN change that enemy into a friend who now brings you peace of mind and a new and better template for your life ahead.

Maxine Harley (MSc) MIND HEALER & MENTOR - The 'new paradigm in therapy' which reveals, reviews and revises the sub-conscious beliefs which have been getting in the way of your happiness and well-being.

You can change your life in 24 hours when you change your S.C.R.I.PT. (c)! (Sub-Conscious-Rules-Influencing-Present-Time)

NOW AVAILABLE AS AN ONLINE SELF-HELP METHOD – which helps with these problems when caused by your subconscious mind and outdated limiting beliefs...

  • Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress and mood swings

  • Trauma response reactions

  • Low self-esteem, poor body image and lack of confidence

  • Communication problems

  • Difficulties with weight management

  • Over-thinking and self-doubt

  • Resistance to well-being

  • Insomnia

  • Mental clarity and recall

  • Issues with intimacy and trust

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Maxine Harley

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