Changes big and small

Sometimes it's not the big changes that throw you for a loop but the small stuff that shouldn't matter.

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Change is everywhere, it is always happening from one minute to the next. Some people love change, they thrive on it, love the unknown and call it adventure.

Ask anyone with anxiety what they feel about change and it's a different story completely. Change, however small can result in complete panic and melt down. Strangely sometimes it is the small changes that throw us for a loop most of all.

Technology always poses a big challenge for me, I admit I am a bit of a luddite where this is concerned and the last update on my phone had me scutting to the nearest O2 shop (luckily I was in the UK at the time) to get someone to show me how to work the camera again and reorganise all the apps.

I dread any sort of change on my computer even more and have almost, but not quite, chucked my laptop out of the window when an upgrade caused me to lose all my bookmarks and I couldn't get my emails to work.

I know it is silly to let small changes like this get the better of me but at the same time I realise that it is just part of who I am and I have to deal with it. They say don't sweat the small stuff, sometimes that is a lot easier said than done.

I'm a bit better with changes of all types now, after a year of Greek living where avrio (tomorrow) is always soon enough to do anything and you rarely ever see anyone getting stressed out and upset in public as you do at home. Here they say life is short, enjoy, relax and go with the flow and when that brings changes go with them, live, learn and do so slowly.

A good friend of mine here has recently had her life turned completely upside down by a cruel illness that has had her in a coma for a month, almost robbed her of her life and left her with dreadful handicaps. But she is still in there, still the girl I knew as vibrant and loving just now in a different shell. She says that she is lucky to be alive, these things happen. She has had to face the very worst and biggest of changes and she is the bravest person I know.

It puts it all into persepective really, the whole don't sweat the small stuff. Change happens (shit happens) we just have to get on with it.

Oh look, there's an upgrade on my phone, maybe I'll deal with that tomorrow......

Karon Grieve

Author, presenter, mother, surviver

My degree comes from the good old university of life, all 58 years of it. I'll be writing about life (mine mostly) and how I've got by as someone who has battled depression and anxiety to varying degrees since their teens. While my view may not be yours I hope sometimes it will resonate with you.