If you seek spiritual advisors about the answers to your future, the likelihood is that you hand quite a lot of your power over to others. If you really knew that only you held the answers to your life, would you still pay to do that? Read here for how to reclaim your spiritual power.

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I have put a lot of money in the hands of different clairvoyants and spiritual advisors over the years. Before I got a firm grasp of what spirituality, energy and spiritual powers really are, I had the misconception that they somehow held some answers to my life I didn’t have access to. I would come to find out if the things I wished for would come true, what the right choices would be for me, would I meet someone, what I’m supposed to do in my life, am I with the right person, will I have children and when, am I on the right path, will my business succeed? 

Little did I know how much these questions and the people, who readily answered them for me, kept me in a place of disempowerment, dependency and disillusion.

I thought that because they could communicate with spirits, guides, energies and what not, they could tell me what would happen in my life and what was “right” for me, and that they somehow had some answers, some truths that 1) actually existed and 2) I didn’t have access to.

Firstly, none of what I’ve been told has ever come true, and I have still to meet someone for whom it has. And secondly, I’m blessed that my spiritual journey eventually took me down a different path, which revealed to me why that is, and what a more empowering path is.

I see and meet so many people that put their life in the hands of 'spiritual advisors' to tell them what lies ahead, what they should or should not do in life. And there are great spiritual advisors out there that do not fall for this line of questioning, and instead use their powers to empower clients to become their own Guru.

But more often, I see the opposite happening. Just this week, I heard 3 disheartening episodes, which called me to write this blog. Inspired by that comes 3. things to watch out for, which bust some myths and bring some perspective to those of you, who are ready to reclaim your power, step into responsibility and access your own spiritual powers .

In short my points are: We cannot predict the future, no one can tell you what to do, and don't automatically trust 'spiritual advice'. 

1. The future doesn’t happen TO you, it comes THROUGH you
You – and no one else -  are the creator of your life, and you are constantly engaged in creating and re-creating the future. As one of my spiritual mentors once put it, “predicting the future is like hitting a moving target.”

Manifestation processes are highly complex and highly personal - which is a whole other story for a time to bust the myths of ‘law of attraction’. And if you are asking about something involving other people’s free will, then you have just ramped up the complexity even more.

For the purpose of today, let’s just bring up a few facts.

  • All experiences are per default available to us (while some involving others free will might or might not happen).
  • You can be inspired by something, think and dream about something and one might be able to read that in your energy – but as long you have not acted on it, it cannot be read as an actuality and outcome in your life.
  • All experiences are available to us (while some involving others free will might not happen) but they all depend on what choices you decide to make.
  • Whether our dreams or goals come true or not depends on factors such as how aligned the outcome is with our soul-expression, how much (aligned) action and energy we put towards it, the vibrational match, our level of consciousness.

So the pure chance of someone predicting what will happen in your future is down to dumb luck in my world. And it derives clients of claiming their own destiny, which is one of the most empowering things we can do.

And a whole other question, why do we really want to know? The only answer I can think of is that we ask out of not knowing or being in contact with our own power. To soothe our fears of not succeeding, not getting the life we dream of and/or not being good enough. And the only way to truly soothe that is to stop asking if and when things will happen, and instead claim our power as the creator of our own life and start figuring out the answers to how we make it happen.

2. If someone tells you what to do, they take away your power
Power and responsibility go hand in hand. So, if you want power, you have to take responsibility for your desires, actions and circumstances. If you take responsibility, you empower yourself.

It can suck, but it’s true. I often get the impression that 100% responsibility is the most least desired thing in the world for most people. And I get how we can delude ourselves into thinking others hold the truth - been there done that.

I’m currently in big life transitioning, and it brings up a lot of uncertainty and fears about the future. So, I understand the temptation of frequenting a line of spiritual practitioners to ask what will happen, so I can feel reassured that all will end ok.

But I know that 1) this would be false, and that 2) my power ultimately lies in knowing that I can trust in my own discernment and power to overcome my limitations and take the needed action -  and that I’m always supported. Having other people telling me this is comforting, but disempowering. Knowing is empowering.

What a skilled practitioner can help us do in times of turbulence is to help us identify what desires comes from our soul, what choices would empower these desires and what we need to let go of to make it happen. They can guide skillfully, ask the right questions to get to the truth of a situation and use intuitive and spiritual powers to empower a client to become the creator of their own experience. If someone makes you dependent on them for advice on ‘what will happen and what should I do’ then I’d argue that they are using their powers to serve their ego and not to serve you.

When we at random tell other people what to do, we ultimately take away their opportunity for power. When we give people authority in our life about what to do, we give them our power. So be discerning about how you hand over this power and to whom

3. The channel is only as clear as the receiver
Just because people can communicate with spirits, guides, angels, energies (and add….) and even have a lot of clients, doesn’t mean that they give sound advice or that their ‘readings’ are reliable sources. The guidance is only as clear as the channel it comes through.  

Foremost, the quality of the guidance you receive will be directly correlated to the level of work the practitioner has done on themselves and it will be distorted by the beliefs they hold about the world and thus spirituality. Just because you are in contact with your spiritual powers doesn’t mean that you are operating from your own higher self. Many still operate from lower self and/or personal conditioning or limited beliefs about how spirituality works, which will distort the guidance. So be discerning about who you consult.

Don’t be shy to question about how much (shadow) work the practitioner has done on themselves, what their personal practices are to keep themselves objective and detached from the work they provide - as a practitioner the more detached one is to the reading, the better the guidance.

And remember, perception is reality. Discern their assumptions about spirituality for instance – it will show a lot about the quality of guidance you receive. I never work with people who think they need to protect themselves from spirit or others – it signals to me that the information they receive is distorted and they do not themselves operate from power.

I never work with people who think that ‘spirit or universe’ has an opinion about what we do or what actions to take – this would interfere with the principle of free will and comes from false spiritual beliefs.

If people uphold themselves as ‘knowing my truth’ I know they are not upholding me as the creator of my own experience, and thus do not give good guidance that help me grow. If they think we have 'a purpose' here on Earth and are destined to serve or heal other people, I know that they are not in touch with the Source, but are on an ego-trip about their importance to the planet.

Also, it's ok to ask where the practitioner is receiving their guidance from. Many people just ‘open up’ to energies and don’t really discern or know what is communicating through them or from where. Just because it is energy or it is ‘lovely’ doesn’t mean that it is Divine or hold truth. Who came up with the idea that just because people are death, they found the key to your life?  It’s ok to be critical. Just because it is ‘spiritual’ doesn’t mean that it cannot be explained or validated.

Perception is reality
As a spiritual advisor and practitioner myself, my work obviously also reflects my beliefs. So let there be no doubt here that my own beliefs and my work are a reflection of one another. And the way I practice is thus also heavily influenced by my experiences with both the disempowered and empowered paths - and what I simply see work out there. Similar to the work I offer, I'm a big fan of other spiritual advisors who helps discern soul expression, helps others get in contact with their truth and soul talents. It has helped me hone my own truth and my powers so that is what I pass on. And though I personally do most of my "spiritual work" for clients in the akashic records, I gladly consult for instance astrologers about aspects of my soul-identity I wish to be clearer about. I think it is great to seek out spiritual advice from different modalities to see our own power and soul more clearly - and to sometimes compensate for the complexity of being trapped in our own conditioning. If I get stuck in my own complexity and decision-making I still sometimes ask for others energetic reading of my situation to help me uncover if there are blocks to truth I’m not seeing – so that I can get clear in discerning my actions. And I continue to work with coaches and spiritual advisors to ensure that I keep transmuting conditioning, shed false beliefs and claim more of my own authentic power. Only then can I truly be of service to others. But I ensure that they operate from a place of power and in a way, which empower their clients to become the divine masters of their own life. And frankly, so should you. I am in that way not claiming to hold 'The Truth' - but I'll say, that if you believe that other people hold the answers to your life, then that becomes your reality. And if they hold false beliefs about spiritual powers, their reality becomes your reality. So be discerning and be empowered.

Maiken Piil

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I love exploring consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. And I believe in the transformational power of inner truth. In my work, I teach about consciousness and how we can grow the power and capacity of our inner ressources. I work with people, who wishes to come into greater balance and harmony by exploring their authentic self and deeper truth. I support my clients in their healing, to expand their thinking and step into the power of their spiritual truth to be of service to others. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?