Reclaim your crazy

Have you had the urge to do something silly, but decided against it because it just wasn't appropriate? Well I embraced my crazy and made others chuckle in the process. Win win!

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It was 5:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon and the franking machine (a pre-programmed stamping contraption) in the office wasn't working. A seemingly insignificant event marking the half-way point in the week you may think. But it was more than that for me. Being fairly new at this place of work, I asked a colleague for some help in order to get the machine playing ball again. With the pressures of the end of day and a never ending to do list, my colleague's response was that maybe the machine just needed a good kick. I on the other hand, was feeling quite relaxed and had an urge to just give it a hug, yes that's right, I wanted to hug the little blue franking machine! Feeling the aforementioned emotion I went ahead and gave the little thing a gentle squeeze accompanied with a sigh and a smile. It all happened so quickly that I didn't have enough time to put on my over worn and tatty overcoat of self-consciousness, and low and behold… it started working! Now I'm not saying my hugs are an answer to all technological problems (wouldn't that be wonderful?!) but neither is the attitude of violence. And for a moment I had forgotten where I was and acted without letting my inhibitions get in the way. And let me tell you I haven't felt that liberated in years.

This little episode got me thinking about what else I was hiding as I pretended and attempted to be a sensible, responsible and poised adult on a daily basis. Was the world not seeing the real me, and more importantly, had I forgotten who I really was? Now I am not suggesting we act on all our urges and thoughts, but sometimes little acts which seem childish or silly may just be the ones which end up turning a boring and uneventful moment into the one that made you, and perhaps others chuckle just a little.


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