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We are taught fables in school, with our family and through many other sources: sometimes the fables can be relatable.

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May 03, 2018

Like a very slow tortoise, it may take a little time, but I always get to the point – eventually, the one word I have had to teach myself and understand over the years is, patience.

Over with the many other subscribers who have chosen to be part of the Life Leap Closed Group via Facebook we are being encouraged, to let go of pre-judgement, to find connection, to declutter and maybe, just maybe, change the world.

Today I have too much to say, so I will try to keep it brief:

1.    I let go.

2.    I found connection.

3.    I decluttered.

4.    I changed my world.

If I just left it there, It doesn’t quite reveal anything does it?

Personally, I think every day is for some a life leap, just getting out of bed and starting the day can be a bind. I've always liked getting out of bed, eventually. I don’t jump up like a rabbit, I roll out like an elephant. Every time my feet hit the ground I know I did it, it took a while to self-motivate, but I did it.

I had never been consciously aware of this until recently.

Sometimes I wondered why I didn’t want to get up out of bed in the past, am I just lazy? Today, I realise, I really like my bed it is so comfy, I like getting into it and I reluctantly climb out of it. Random thoughts remind me, I am not bedbound, and I am sure if I was I would jump at the chance to get out of it. Still I roll like an elephant. I have a choice, I can get up at four, five, six, and I choose seven.

When I was younger I would push it to eight o’clock. I could get ready quite fast and still look respectable for work. Today, I don’t have only myself to take care of, I have children and pets, and myself. This takes at least an additional hour of co-ordination.  When the children were tiny then toddlers I would sometimes be up at four and five in the morning and think, when they are older I will still get up at this time. (I can laugh at my past self.) The difference is… when children are small you go to bed even earlier, sometimes it was eight-thirty, I was always shattered back then. People had said how exhausting parenting is, and with experience we learn it is not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Time has shifted, as the children grow up they begin to see the evening as an adventure, and no place for sleep. In life we must adapt, I choose now to get up eventually at seven. My alarm rings from six-forty, I say seven.

Letting Go:

Books I’ve read to date suggest a theory that we are all imitating beings, and it's when we stop imitating and begin a life for ourselves a shift happens. Over the last few years as I practiced in being a Writer, I did a lot of letting go, it was all part of the process. I understood a poet needed their solitude. It was tough finding solitude as an active member of the family. A socialite like me removing myself from loops with friends, to find the inner poet. I managed to source the time 10am til 2pm in silence, and still the radio seeped through. It has been a revealing self-experience, I can only offer a female perspective, it may have been a revolutionary triumph on my part and before the end of May 2018, I will be letting go of the whole intention to write poetry for a living. I will have created what I could in the time I allowed myself (and was granted), and I am surprisingly happy to let go.

In life I can only speak for myself, and revel in a few books that share my ideals, maybe there is only them and us? I think that is a title, but I’ve never read it – I’ve been too busy consuming Poetry. There I go again, saying I am too busy. That is something I have also noticed as I have begun to return to my life as me, not a poet, not a writer, just me.  I nearly lost myself in that solitude bubble. Thank goodness I didn’t.


I am currently in the process with reconnecting, returning from my poetic solitude. I have watched and observed and experienced how chaotic the world appears when we choose to live on the outside. Although l have to admit, I don’t think anyone would choose to live in isolation for too long. People are social beings. It is good to take time out, it is also great to be aware of your own core values, and share them. In practice we need to co-exist, communicate and connect. Some of us don’t have these opportunities and choices, some of us do. 

Last month, on a holiday in South Wales I went extreme dragging my parents along, Easter was an entertaining holiday. It is possibly a blog in itself sharing the many laughs we had. Connection is not just about knowing people. It is also in the meeting and greeting and getting to know people, taking an interest in the everyday events, there are plenty.


What a mistake I made in jumping to the decluttering. However, my very well aligned tortoise ways slowed me down and I am glad they did. I have been decluttering a lot of late, and one of those things was going to be Facebook. I don't know about you, but there is something quite shifty when one minute you are looking at a weekend away on your phone, then in the next twenty four hours on Facebook the advertising is swarmed with what you have just 'chosen' not to view and let go of. It's like the media robots don't like people to think for themselves.

However! or should I say Yet! I have whittled the interests with Facebook down to three groups, one of those interests is of course Psychologies, another P.R. group, my own Creative Writing Platform and a few Arty-friends who are just too far away to keep in regular contact. From now on - I will call or meet up for connection with those who are local, always have, and I always will.

Truth is, without this recent plan of Psychologies Magazine to generate the Life Leap Group via Facebook, it had been teetering on the rim of the bin. I am not old school, nor millennial, I am digitally savvy, and prefer to choose how I use the internet, that's all. The tortoise within withheld from deleting my Facebook account, I have chosen to keep it alongside, for now, with boundaries attached.

Last week as I re-subscribed to the Magazine I realised, and it was something also mentioned in the magazine recently: sometimes it is about letting go, but remember it's about knowing yourself and your core values too. Which brings me onto my two small changes for changing my world, not the world, just my world.

E-safety and working 'with' Digital Media.

1.    Getting all professional with Facebook, I now call it a ‘reading and reviewing opportunity’ where I check in and find out how it’s doing. I’ve allocated a meeting time every Thursday afternoon and Monday Morning, for an hour minimum. I will hold myself accountable. 

Animal Welfare and Protection

2.    I’ve become a conscious eater, especially after a prompt from Suzy Beaumont, indirectly, after researching her Facebook thread. Her motivations reminded me of my former self, back when I was a teen and rarely or reluctantly ate meat. I used to watch Animal Rights Activists in the Hull Town Centre, they frightened me back then, dreadlocks and black nails, I would question in innocence: did I have to look like that to show I cared? We all have our own taste, and that is a terrible choice of words. Sorry!

I am not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, only now a conscious eater. If I was starving in the wilderness, or life depended on it, I would possibly eat an animal, but for the last two weeks to date, I have been consciously without meat consumption, and wow I feel amazing, not in body yet, but in mind. Without the Psychologies exchange, I may never have been reminded of my own core values.

That is enough to be going on with.  Time to return to my final days of solitude as a writer of poetry. The tortoise is finally heading toward the finishing line, and although the hare keeps throwing in a few more ideas to get on and do other things in life we sometimes, just sometimes, will get there when we are ready.

Can you recall a fable that best represents your own mode of life at present?

If you want to know more about One Writer’s Progress click here.

Tortoise signing off…

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