Why Voting Lib Dem might be Bad for your Health

Porn for Kids; 'Consensual Sex Trafficking'; Pimps as 'Managers'

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This May might be a good time to tell your Lib Dem candidates your concerns over Lib Dem policies on porn, prostituiton and child protection. Because if you vote for them this is what you will be voting for:


The Lib Dems overwhelming oppose Internet 'opt in' and now Age Verification  - to try and prevent the Tsunami of porn children face as extreme and 'illiberal'

They think any move to stem the huge level of abuse now found in essentially all mainstream porn is 'the act of a dictatorship' :

And at the same time have welcomed pornographers into their midsts:

This includes pornographer Anna 'Span' selected as Parliamentary candidate under the blessing of then-leader, Nick Clegg, despite being an advocate of simulated rape porn.

And pornographer Michelle Gent, a former Lib Dem councillor for Ashfield, Nottingham, who used local party HQ to recruit for her porn films.


Policy on prostitution is no better:

The sex industry policies the Lib Dems have adopted are aggressively lobbied for by known pimps, brothel keepers and even jailed sex traffickers and their organisations. 

Under this pimps are business men, the women they control apparently welcoming that arrangement: 

and the only reason sex 'work' isn't suggested at career choice to school girls is because of stigma:

In fact one of the core aims of Lib Dem policy is to go so far as to redefine Sex Trafficking as 'consensual' as headlined in the Executive Summary of its policy paper on the porn and sex trade:

Now we are a non-political organisations and we certainly do not mean to shock, offend or upset you. But these policies are just that. And since the Lib Dems don't seem to publicise them we thought we should.

You can find out more here

And tweet the Lib Dems your concerns here

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