Diary of A Sensitive Soul - week 4

Finding your tribe...

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I have so much I want to talk about today, the last 9 days have been amazing and I feel on top of the world. 

When I started writing the diary of a Sensitive Soul I wanted people to know that there are other people like them. It's one of the things that characterises human, we do like being part of something. When you are on the outside and feel so different to all the people around you it can be so lonely and you can feel like the "freak" in the corner. You may embrace this or you may try to conform, but conforming has its consequences as you aren't living true to yourself, to your values and to your beliefs. 

Since I've started writing my blogs I've received some really lovely messages saying how much it has meant to them, to read about things they can relate to. I always feel so humbled and blessed when I receive these notes. It reminds me why it's so important to share my knowledge and create my tribe.

Finding your "tribe" can be that door that opens to make you realise there are others like you, there is something special about being in a "tribe" of like minded people and it can be around even a small thing. I'm going to give you an example;

Today I drove my Landrover Defender to my local town. She's a proper Landrover. The air-conditioning is a flap that you open manually with an internal handle. Heating takes a while to get going. Wind down windows, no central locking, absolute back to basics. I adore her. (see picture of her outside our holiday cottage in February). So, how does this relate to being part of a "tribe". 

Wendy in the snow

Well, there is some unwritten rule that all Landrover, ( series I, II, 90, 110, 130 and Defender ) drivers acknowledge it other. Either a slight nod, or slight raise of a hand. Putting the thumb up, or a quick wave. Occasionally flashing lights, honking of horns, and waving madly. Today 5 Landrover drivers acknowledged me - 1 in my village (I don't know him), 2 on the other side of the dual carriageway who flashed their lights and 2 driving through town. Plus 4 men going out of a factory who gave me a thumbs up, a cheesy grin or a wave. People talk to me in car-parks, on streets, asking me her age, what we've done to her and telling me stories of when they owned a Landrover. It's lovely, just like when I owned a MG motor car, people smile when you drive by, it sparks conversations, my journey's are so pleasant. I'm part of a tribe and it doesn't matter whether I am a male or female, what colour your skin is, where I come from. I am part of the Landrover tribe. (PS she is called Wendy).

And that's what I'm doing now, pulling together a tribe of sensitive soul's, empath's, people who just feel a bit different. Somewhere for people to belong to be able to go "ahh yes, someone who understands" though each of us will still be different and unique. But we know that there are others like us and that we can grow together. 

All of us will be part of many Tribes, both big and small. I'm now part of a small tribe from the Psychologies Ambassadors mindfulness retreat that I attended at the weekend. We bonded, we chatted and we laughed so hard that we almost wet ourselves! We now have this wonderful little tribe where we've all been part of something, truly magical, truly amazing and every time Catherine holds another retreat, another small tribe will form. Some will stick together for a long time, others will not, but it's so important that we have a sense of belonging somewhere, even if you do prefer to be on your own for most of the time.

I am now part of so many wonderful tribes and all have a special magical meaning. Being part of this, being a Psychologies Ambassador is one of the most amazing tribes I am part of, but now we have a little sub-tribe of women who I can truly call friends. 

Social media gets lots of criticism, some is just, but one thing it is good at, is allowing "tribes" to stay in contact. Had I not been part of the Psychologies Ambassadors tribe, I would not have gone on the mindfulness retreat with Catherine Brannan, Clare Percival, Clare Cremona and MaryAnn Hanton.

All of these wonderful women have already had a tremendous impact on me. I learnt so much from that weekend - eating mindfully, trying Tai Chi, doing mindful practices. Being reminded that I have so much that I can share with others and that I love coaching. Imprinting in me reminders of my love of nature, foraging, the sea, of herbs, cooking, laughing. I am still glowing from the weekend and whilst reflecting about it on my journey home, I had a tear in my eye. Not of sadness, but of absolute joy, at being brought together and connected with such amazing and inspiring women.

It's reminded me why I'm launching my Mojo Academy and its made me do it sooner rather than later as I know how important being part of a tribe is - that feeling like you belong, having somewhere to go to when times are bad and when times are good. Having a safe place to grow, to rediscover who you are, to find your mojo, to learn how to care for yourself and create your own future. This weekend of mindfulness helped me to see the world more brightly, be inspired to take action and to make my tribe where I can coach women and share my knowledge so they feel safe on their path of self-discovery.

Have a think about what tribes you belong to and which make you shine?

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Go to the profile of Clare Cremona
over 3 years ago

Honoured to be in your tribe. It's enormous fun, full of discoveries and a real adventure. Thank you Haulwen x

Go to the profile of Haulwen Nicholas
over 3 years ago

Your post is beautiful too and I love our little tribe. 

Go to the profile of Clare Percival
over 3 years ago

Amen sister!!! xxx I did in fact burst out loud laughing on the flight back to Gatwick as a memory flashed into my mind. Did it bother me? No, not one bit, as it laughing is good for the soul :) 

Go to the profile of Haulwen Nicholas
over 3 years ago

I know what you mean I keep laughing even now :-)