The Meditation Experience - A day with Karen Ruimy

Slow down your Busy Mind and Connect to your Soul

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Meditation is not a technique, it is a natural gift of ours. It is a state of being.

That is how I have rediscovered meditation and lived with it as my sacred companion for many years, in my quest for truth, for my own truth. It is why I want you to bene- fit from my experience, I want to share the passion for life I gained through the prac- tice of this natural gift of meditating, that we all hold inside of us.

Society has led us to a different state of mind. We all learn to be, to progress in the social model, to learn only from the outside world. Very few have told us to learn from what is inside of us; that we all have the most rich inner life, that we are a soul living a human experience. Nor that our soul has so many things to share and express in this world.... Rather we were taught to learn from the society, from all the sources outside of us and mostly listen to rules, whether they were respecting our authentic desires or not.

We all lost our heart desires on this path. We all lost the connection to our inner self. We listened to our mind, the leader in our life... We all created an ego to fight and succeed in the world. We got carried away. We became obsessed by the struggle of life, by the voice of our mind and sadly let go of all the treasures inside... and most importantly of the peace inside.

We let the mind talk, calculate, fear, react... We forgot to listen to the natural flow of life, to the natural voice of our soul.

The truth of who we are resides within. The truth will deliver who we are truly and show what treasures lay inside of us, deeply.

How can we retrieve it all?

Meditation is the key to your calm, your clarity, your joy.

Going back to our inner world means connecting to the calm inside, then to the inner voice... This sacred voice that talks of the heart and the soul desires, that delivers the truth inside.

Being able to quiet the busy mind and allow peace back in, is a major shift in order to feel better, to gain balance and fresh energy for the body and spirit.

Regaining the knowledge of meditation is really essential for your being. Meditating is creating a bridge between your conscious mind and your inner self that is like being a silent spectator. Offering a real seat to your soul will transform you and your life. You will retrieve a “peace of mind”. You will reconnect with the truth of your being that you had to let go or forgotten, in order to create a so-called successful life here.

Meditating is switching from being in the mind to being in the soul.

Connecting with that energy... Listening to the inner voice... Getting into an inner dialogue... Getting the feelings... Recognizing them... Letting intuition be the radar for the recognition of your deep feelings... Bringing the centre of attention to your inside...

Enjoy it. Let yourself be in it.

Believe. Be-live.

I want to bring you the possibility to remember your natural capacity to meditate.

Because you are a soul in a human body, your soul needs to connect, and that is when you connect, you meditate. Your knowledge will come back to you as you start prac- ticing.

Meditating will become part of your routine.

But you won’t need complicated conditions to do it - as you will be able to connect as you feel the need, wherever, whenever you desire so. In a crowd, on a plane, in the countryside, in your home. The connection will then not depend on special conditions and techniques but only on your knowledge of it. When you remember it, you will have this for ever again, you will be able to connect and benefit your life, your health, your harmony.

For me the best technique is to drive the experience of total beingness by saying to yourself...

“I want to be connected to myself.

I want to trust my spirit.

I am open to hear my inner voice.

I am not afraid to let go of my mind control, and voice.

My mind is an extraordinary tool to function on this planet but cannot replace my true being, my spirit.

I let go of my fears, my blockages, my judgments.

I know deeply that within myself resides my true self. It speaks to me all the time. It is time to reconnect and trust it.”

Then when you see the fear and judgments, floating around you, tightening your mind, your brain, your energy field, your aura, your physical being... Look at them all like a floating cloud with no hook or hold over you and blow them away....

I invite you to join me in London at my Meditation Experience on 1-11-2015 for a day relaxing, laughing, rediscovering your natural gifts and reconnecting with your inner self. ❤

Come and enjoy yourself,

Enjoy your life!


Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy