Does your work make your heart sing?

Are you actively creating the future you WANT? "No. I've got a steady (boring) job and I can't rock the boat." "No, because I don't know what it is." "No, I know what I'd rather do, but have no idea where to start." If this is you, read on...!

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As our (EWO) co-founder Alastair said at the Psychologies 'Would you take your own career advice?' talk in London last month, your comfort zone is just that. Comfortable. Too comfortable, maybe. Even when you know that how you're living isn't allowing you to explore long-held urges, it can still be easier to stay right where you are. But who are you becoming if you choose to never step into the 'stretch zone'? Isn't it great when you hear that a friend has taken a leap and it's paid off?But not so great if straight afterwards you feel a nagging reminder that you too could make some much-needed changes, but somehow you still haven't and you're still procrastinating. Maybe you're one of these people:

“I’m stuck in a job and don’t want to move until I know what I really want to do next”
You’re finding it hard to give up the security of a job and you don’t want to job-hop…but you’re really bored.

“I want more out of life but I need to earn a living”
You want to make sure that you make great choices and live your life well without losing all of your security. Finding what makes your heart sing may be the key to unlocking a more exciting career.

“I often feel that life is ‘passing me by'”
Time seems to be flying by while you tread water. You want to feel more engaged in your life and work, clearer about what you love.

“I know what I want to do but I lack the confidence to get started”
You’re frustrated by not being able to move forward. You need some ideas and support, and perhaps a better understanding of who you are and what you want to help you to develop confidence to start taking action.

“I started my career in the wrong place and I don’t know how to start again”
You need some perspective to help you see the bigger picture. Reflecting on the skills you already have and the passion that will drive you will help you use your current situation as a springboard to a more satisfying career.

This Autumn, the team I work with at Eyes Wide Opened launches a series of short evening workshops and 2-day courses in Oct/Nov/Dec that will get you round the next corner and further along the next path, whatever that is. Maybe you'd welcome a weekend of investment in yourself in the company of coaches who care and a small group of fellow quarter/mid-life career-ponderers. Maybe you only have time for an evening session and need to brush up on how you come across to others (by working with former CNN anchorwoman and EWO coach Lynn Blades) or fancy learning a few advanced listening skills from our former hostage negotiator Dick Mullender?

Don't take my word for it here, take a close look at these case studies and quotes from people we've helped: .There's also lots of Free Stuff. Whatever stage of procrastination you're at, we'd love to help you!


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Zena and the team at Eyes Wide Opened are on a mission to help people become crystal clear about what really makes them tick, what they have to offer an employer and how they can offer it. They set aside the less helpful 'What do you want to do?' and ''What job are you looking for?' questions (which can only really be answered if you have an inbuilt career path GPS) and instead help people find the answers to 'Who are you?', 'What do you stand for?' and 'What really matters to to you?' Eyes Wide Opened - - was founded in 2011 by Alastair Creamer, a leading figure in creative training (Catalyst, Creamer and Lloyd) and Paul Preston, a former Unilever chairman and global talent & HR leader. The duo developed a series of intensive, practical and reflective courses for people at a career crossroads with input from businesses on what they're really looking for from their recruits. The eight coaches have eclectic backgrounds spanning business, the voluntary sector, the arts, academia and even Scotland Yard! ------------------ Web: Twitter: @ewopened Facebook: Eyes Wide Opened