Answered prayers and the power of belief

I pray! Yes I do five times daily that is. It is the second pillar of my faith, Islam.

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It keeps me grounded spiritually and humbled. I have no idea where I’d be if I did not hold on to the rope of faith. I try my best not rush when completing my daily prayers because those moments are like my wifi-connection with the Creator. Me myself and my forehead on the ground praising, showing gratitude and calling out for ease in every aspect of my life. For guidance, for strength, and peace for my fellow humans across the globe. I call Him the Almighty Allah in Arabic meaning God/Lord. 

Us human beings gravitate towards something bigger than ourselves, be it religion, science, or the universe as Paulo Coelho defines it in his book the Alchemist. Some people simply say they believe in faith/destiny/Kismet. It is what it is, to each its own. I believe my Creator will never burden me with trials I cannot handle because His promise is true. Any situation that brings me closer to Him, strengthens my faith and increases my certainty is worthwhile the burden. You may ask why? Because I also believe with every difficulty there is relief. Although relief might not be in sight, sadly this current society of instant gratification sure makes it harder to be patient and its virtue is often forgotten. I have learnt that not having what I pray for does not mean that my prayers/supplications (Dua'a) are left unanswered. I just need to be more patient, move my limbs and not to sit idly waiting.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt during times of distress is that I need to remain consistent with my supplications and then firmly trust the Creator because there is always a way out. Somehow things change in ways that are unexpected, unimaginable and then my jaw drops in awe, with warmth in my hearth and tears in my eyes. Sometimes relief comes from people who are right in front of you, sometimes even strangers. If we pay closer attention to our surroundings, we’ll perhaps realise each and every one of us is searching for some kind of relief. As Ava Duvernay puts it “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small”. This reminds me of one of the sayings (Hadiths) of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him which states that, Allah will provide relief both in this world and the next for the one who removes burden/stress it be financial, emotional or practical for his or her fellow human being. I remember this each time I act in kindness towards somebody. It makes me also ponder on my actions, am I removing or causing distress? Is the Creator using me to answer someone’s prayers? I guess what I am trying to say here is that we all need somebody and that whatever that keeps you grounded be it God, the universe, destiny/kismet hold on to that. You never know whose prayers you might be answering through your actions or support.

 Love and Light,



Ummi Fulani

Sosionom/Social Worker & Psychologies Ambassador, Child & Adolescent Mental Health (Oslo University Hospital)