Fitness Tracker for the Mind

How can the Fitness Tracker revolution help you to find success in other areas of your life?

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Lots of people have them now, something that looks like a bad 1980`s digital watch but gets almost as much attention from the wearer as their smart phone does. Fitness trackers are very popular now, helping the wearer to monitor their own road to fitness throughout the day. Mine tells me the remaining steps I need to take to achieve my daily target and I have other targets to reach such as stairs climbed, calories burned, minutes exercising and hours slept. All great attainable goals, assisting me to my greater goal of being a healthier over 50 and hopefully living longer and staying active.  Before I owned one, I didn’t think the fitness tracker craze was for me but I have realised that tracking my progress keeps me motivated and is definitely the reason I have weighing less and feeling healthier these days!

But what about the rest of you - the other goals you have in your life? While a fitness tracker is keeping me headed in the right direction when it comes to the physical side of me, what or who is out there to help with the rest of me? At 11.30 pm I look at my fitness tracker and it tells me to walk another 2,567 steps or I will not reach my target for that day but what or who is going to tell me to make that appointment I keep putting off, finish that assignment I should have completed a week ago or finally speak to my boss about that pay rise I so richly deserve.

The answer is, your coach. Not the type of coach that wears a faded nylon tracksuit and carry a clipboard and a whistle but a Life or Business Coach, trained in the techniques necessary to help their clients to achieve. Although you will not find your coach actually telling you to make that appointment, finish that assignment or speak to the boss, you will happily do that for yourself. This is because the beauty and magic of coaching comes from the simple principle that it is the client not the coach that comes up with the answers, the coach will simply help you to find as many ways there can be to reach your goal and will get your commitment to taking an agreed action to achieve that goal. Then, if your path to success is being blocked by a belief that you have that limits you, “I`m too old”, “I am not clever enough” or the most common “I just do not have the time”, then your coach is there to help you change those beliefs and take away those obstacles that hold you back to ensure you achieve your goals.

And just like your fitness tracker you will not find your coach providing therapy, advice or opinions, your coach is there to encourage you and to help drive you forward to take those steps that you have committed to taking towards a happier, better self.

Anne Millne-Riley

Confidence expert