Life will show you the next shift

What happens when you live a small earthquake in your life? What happens when suddenly your world is trembling?

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You thought you had set up some structures in your life that will never change, that will be with you forever. Because that is how you are, a forever girl. You give your love, your trust for life.… You can’t imagine life will shake your world…!

And you know it does.

Oh my God!

You did not allow your imagination to go there but life is more creative than your mind, who sets you up with limitations, protections against the fear of the un-known.

We all create those walls around us, because it creates protection against the wind, the unknown and all the threats we think exist in our life. We want to cre-ate a tribe of people around us and make a shield against those fears. And we do.

But life blows another wind of change. Suddenly the tribe feels like a prison, or it feels heavy. Energies do not fit anymore. Those energies who were fitting and working together are counterproductive now. But you can’t see the truth as it is sad, as you don’t want to bear naked, without your shield of love. This so-called love becomes like a weight, it impedes your feeling of freedom, of progressing towards your future.

Life will show you the shift.
And life will clearly talk to you.
Some people around you will just not fit your energy anymore.
Some activities won’t bring the magic they used to bring.
Some routines will need to be dropped… And you will have to change them, replace them with new routines.
Well lots of new. Lots of unknown.

It is hard to decide to let go… Who really wants to feel naked again? It was feeling good and cosy in this reality, something you have built with your hands and your soul. And now all of this needs to shift.

Lazy, afraid of not knowing the next step… You will feel some anxiety as your whole being is attached to this comfortable situation. Those bonds being de-tached creates fear, anxiety manifesting in the emotional body but also in the physical body. Sometimes we need to feel it in the physical to acknowledge the need of change.

All the signs are talking to you. And they have been for a while… They started subtly then became stronger and stronger. Don’t wait for your signs to be over-whelming. Sit down with your soul and listen to what she has to say.
Not easy. But also exciting. A new life is coming to you.
Rejoice, enjoy the energies of transformation coming to you.

Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy