Gentle Breath Meditation - reconnecting back to you

The Gentle BreathingTM Meditation, as described in my interview with UKCP March 2018 – Mental Health In Schools – is something I have been practicing for 17 years, it was presented to me on the hottest day of the summer of 2003 in South Kensington it was sweltering by 10am ... yes back when we used to have summers..., and in the simplicity of being asked to close my eyes gently I was given a key to knowing I could feel amazing in my body.

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The Gentle Breath Meditation has been incredibly beneficial to my overall well being and it is something that children take to like 'ducks to water', which makes sense as our breath is naturally gentle, and they were not so long ago babies, we only need to look at a baby breathing to know that we are able to be incredibly still and at ease in ourselves and our bodies. 

In the audio meditation below  “allow the body to be gentle, it's permission, get to feel the loveliness of what it is like to feel that warmth in your lungs as you breathe in and out particularly on your out breath, really feel the warmth in your lungs when you breath out gently. You can feel how baby like your body becomes when your gentle, in the same way we can stare for a long time a baby sleeping in it’s cot, watching its nostrils opening up ever so rhythmically and gentle, so too can an adult body achieve that, we  don't lose that, we just give up on it... we forget, its not lost on us. This is is not pathetic, this is not soft and weak, meek or mild, this is the true you, you are by nature gentle, at least, but you are much more than that as well".

If you want to try the gentle breathing for yourself it is in the link below, on this website there are 11 different variations in exploration and time length. 

Enjoy exploring the simplicity of mediation, let me know your favourite one... I would love to know.

Gentle Breathing Meditation: 8mins 55 sec

Vanessa McHardy

With 17 years experience of supporting children and parents I have a very practical, light, compassionate way of being that enables healing of trauma and difficult feelings.