What sort of coach do you need to set up your own business?

Should you focus on business or mindset first when setting up your own venture? Is self-employment really what you want?

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I read this wonderful statement today in the Women Embracing Wealth Facebook Group

"I knew my coach was the right woman when she said that she usually spends the first 2-3 months working with someone on their mindset/habits BEFORE they start with the business stuff...

Yet most people kid themselves that WHEN they have done this/that or the other in their business, then they will start with the daily success habits and rituals..." - Louise Cartwright - www.louisecartwright.com

This is so true and I am one of those who very much focused on "I'll just do this and then I'll just do that and when I've just done that - that will be when I go into doing daily habits and rituals"

If any of you are in that limbo land wondering if and when you should start your own business I strongly advise you, to get yourself a coach before you do anything. They can help you to determine which is the right door for you to choose to go through.

Firstly, its easier for you to pay for a coach whilst you have a regular income. They can really help you to determine if your dreams of running your own business is really what you want to do, or is it you just need a sabbatical? Often we get stuck and can't see what it is we love in our current circumstances and running your own business isn't for everyone. So get that coaching help before you take the plunge, it will be the first investment you have in your new business but more importantly it's an investment in you. YOu'll pay for a gym membership for your body, a massage, a facial. So why not a coach?

If you do want to give it running your own business a try, is there anyway you can run the business in a small scale whilst staying in your job or can you go part-time?

If like me it was leave your job or become really ill, then I strongly recommend taking some time out to refind yourself. I did plan this when I left my job. I told the world I was taking the summer off, and to be fair I did, a seriously sprained ankle helped me. However I didn't stop. I dived in to training and online courses and forums on how to set up a business and didn't stop and reflect. Now as it happened my training was in Myers Briggs and NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) so I did a lot of self discovery and "finding" of myself with this, but if you aren't planning a career in this field (and even if you are) its good to have a coach to work through the specifics for you, so that you create the right habits and rituals to make your business a success. 

I dived straight into having a business coach, and although good, I had lots of "my stuff" I needed to sort so I didn't get as much value as I could've, if only I had paused for a moment.

So as you build together your savings for taking the plunge into a new life, plan in some coaching to help you to rediscover yourself. This may be the first time you've operated outside of an organisation since you were a toddler. We go from nursery, to pre-school, to primary school to secondary school, to college, to university to the workplace and never have more than a few weeks to be truly ourselves. 

Allow a coach to help you remember your dreams and hold your hand on a journey of discovery.

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