Life will always have ups and downs. Connecting with great sparks can generate a calmer, truer, more satisfied and balanced life. There is value in that.

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Mar 15, 2018
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I know I had mentioned in the last blog that I was going to talk about my experience of the 5 Second Rule approach to life, I changed my mind.  I decided to put that wild experience on my own blog as part of the Progress of One Writer, it was now time to connect with my experiences in being a subscriber of the Psychologies Magazine and how some of the ideas shared recently have improved my approach in being a Professional Modern Woman Writer producing eBooks. 

It has been an interesting start to 2018, normally I would pick up my copy of the Psychologies magazine when it arrives, read it at my leisure, decide what I like and don’t like, read it again, later, when it feels right, after which, I store it.

Some magazines I throw away, but no, not the Psychologies Magazine. Why?

There is something within the content that I connect with, not always, but most of the time, and when I connect with something, I make an effort to keep a contact with it. Whether that is with people, strangers, family, animals and objects and more, now I can say I have connected with a magazine.

The reason I suggest it is an interesting start to 2018, is because I was very excited to find out that my application to become an Ambassador had been successful. I was so happy, but also scared. What does an Ambassador do exactly? And I don’t always agree with everything in the Magazine. I had to do some research.

It was worth it.  

Something else quite amazing happened. The Psychologies Magazine team expanded their portfolio to encourage a private page on Facebook, called the Life Leap Club. If you are a subscriber, you would gain access to coaching and mentoring for free. Surely this couldn’t be right? Why would they give away their knowledge for free? It seemed quite wild.

Did you know, some of the best teachers, philosophers, gurus and coaches, gave and give away their knowledge for free, and do you know why? Because, knowledge and connection are the foundation blocks, the starting place for encouraging a sense of trust in society.

Don’t hold me to this. I only have experiential awareness, that when we share, encourage, take a pride in ourselves and become self-aware, people begin to shine. I personally believe that the people willing to share their passions and stories which may help others, they are filled with so much self-belief and have a sense of self-worth that they are prepared to kindly give their knowledge away.

When we share knowledge, opinion, facts, and details we allow others to feel connected. To comprehend and understand there are so many choices available in the world today, sometimes, we just don’t know where to look. Sometimes, we need someone or something to help us.

I am on the final chapter of my own personal journey of self-discovery through the practice of Experimental Writing which began in 2015. Thanks to the encouragement and support of a few Lecturers who believed in me, one of the Lecturers in Creative Writing is now deceased and I have remained committed as a mark of respect, for the man who was a stranger, he taught me the subject that I was able to connect with and utilise today.  I don't feel I have reached my potential yet, but there is time. Some may argue that I paid for my education, but we can buy a lot of things in life, and barely receive the content we are looking for. 

We all connect on different levels for different reasons, no two people are the same, yet it is possible to have shared interests.

Some days I return to select copies of the Psychologies Magazine. Some months I connect with the spiritual, the psychological, the family, the travel, the cultures, the ideals and the beliefs. Sometimes I don’t. Nowadays, I might just connect online with the Life Leap Club. 

So, as an Ambassador of a Magazine that might discuss topics that I agree or maybe disagree with. I am always open and enlightened to find out what people have discovered, uncovered or learned.  I do believe I am digesting and embracing, possibly even connecting with great sparks that generate a calmer, truer, more satisfied and balanced life.

There is value in that.

Jules, feeling connected. If you want to know how following the 5 second rule went, click here. If you are new to the quest of this Writer in 2018,and want to know more, feel free to start at the beginning.

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