Drowning in Thought

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At the end of 2017 we'd planned a trip which would take us from London to Abu Dhabi to Mumbai to Bangkok and finally across Sri Lanka in the space of 21 days

In preparation I'd skipped the clothes shopping and opted for something more essential - swimming lessons. While I could already swim, I'd noticed that my technique was a little on the amateur side. Eight swimming lessons later, I was feeling pretty confident with my newly improved front crawl.

My only reservation was swimming in the deep end. Just the thought of not being able to touch the ground sent shivers down my spine. Fortunately I was in luck, I had 21 days, 6 hotel pools and a boyfriend with advanced swimming skills to help build my confidence.

It seemed to be working, with each new destination came a new pool and a new found sense of confidence. Until the 16th day.

After checking in to another hotel we headed straight for the pool, my boyfriend jumped straight in while I found an available cabana for us. Eventually I climbed into the pool and began to swim in the direction of my boyfriend, I then heard him say, "I didn't expect you to swim straight over to the deep end! Great!"

This is where my thoughts took over... I hadn't realised that I'd swam over to the deep end.

'The deep end?.... '

'THE DEEP END?!... '

'What do you mean...the deep end?!'

'Oh my god Emma, you’re going to drown!'

'It’s SO deep!'

'You can’t do it! It’s not safe!!!'

And just like that, I began to sink 😳

In a split second I’d "lost" the ability to swim, that new found confidence vanished. My arms and legs had forgotten their purpose. I was consumed by fear, I don’t know where it came from, it hadn't been there a few moments before.

While I could think of many less risky ways of being reminded about the power of thought, this experience shook me to my core and showed me something that I wouldn't forget so quickly!

Before I had even got out of the pool, I saw the lesson and we laughed hysterically.

Here are the lessons; 

While I do believe in the power of positive thinking, we have so many thoughts, trying to regulate them all is virtually impossible. Learning not to take our thoughts so seriously is what makes the real difference. When we stop taking our thoughts so seriously, there becomes less need to worry about the content of our thinking. Overthinking then loses its power and purpose

When we believe our thoughts we bring them to life, its that simple. We create a space for our thoughts to become our reality - whether 'good' or 'bad'.

Sometimes we look for evidence to prove that a thought is true, we even do this in situations where the thought may not be in our favour! Have you noticed yourself doing this?

Finally, have you noticed how quickly your thoughts pass when you don't hold on to them? When you let your thoughts pass by without giving them meaning or looking at them too deeply - you free yourself to be do and have more in your life, in your relationships, in your business.

Ask yourself the following question

How would your life change if you stopped taking your thoughts so seriously?

Let me know in the comments below.

Emma Case

Entrepreneur, Perfection Coach & Mentor for women, www.startwhereyouare.co.uk

I work with women who want to create a life & business without perfection.