Yoga for all Seasons

As we settle into Autumn, I'm thinking of how the type of yoga I practice changes as we change, settle and grow into ourselves. Every day is a personal transformation, so let your yoga journey be a journey of growth. We can help you to find your yoga today, maybe very different to your yoga yesterday or tomorrow. It's lucky we have 365 classes on our site for you to choose from!

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We all know that the nature of life is change, and change is to be welcomed. Our practice changes and our teaching style and energies change as we grow with our practice, and this is all brilliant. After all, isn’t the nature of yoga learning about transitions, and learning to love the learning edge. As we grow and learn, we are able to start really teaching. We start to teach with ever more wisdom and compassion, our languaging becoming more refined, creating a safe environment for students to undergo their own transformations brought on my this very special movement and breath work we call yoga.

As you change, you might want to look into styles and types of yoga which your younger and less experienced version of yourself would not have been interested in. I know that my yoga practice is unrecognisable from when i first started to practice 20 years ago. I rarely teach, but when I do, it’s a far cry from my earlier years’ teaching. And it’s not just a question, as many less experienced teachers will say, that as your practice deepens, so you’ll be able to try out new asana. No, in my experience, quite the opposite. In my late teens and early twenties, my practice was Ashtanga and plenty of vinyasa. When I taught, back in my twenties, my classes were fast-flowing classes with movement initiated by the breath, but not much deep pranayama work. Now I’m welcoming my fourth decade and I love breath-work and a solid, almost therapeutic hatha practice best of all. When I teach, it is much deeper, far less asana but more refinement. I know that many teachers go on their own teaching journeys which change over time, with the passing years, and even with the seasons. A class taught for a springtime morning will have a very different energy to a mid-winter evening.

As we change and our practices and our teaching changes, it’s sometimes hard to find the inspiration we need. Of course, the very best thing is to go to your teacher, get re-inspired there, and go to other senior teachers, maybe ones you don’t yet know. You might want to ring in some changes by looking for inspiration from where you have never looked previously.

Maybe you want to incorporate some Sanskrit chanting, and you know that Jivamukti classes incorporate these but you don’t want to take a whole Jivamukti class. Or you just want to re-sequence or creatively sequence your vinyasa? Or you want to start teaching more Yin poses at the end of your classes.

Or maybe you’re teaching at a workplace and want ideas for simple, workplace stretches? Or you want some ideas for sequences to help women on their moon cycle?

It would be lovely to have all the time and money to take all the classes you’d love to experience and you know your students would benefit from but, oh for the time and the money!

Take a deep breath. Then exhale. And then inhale again. And then check out Movement for Modern Life. We are here to help you!

What is Movement for Modern Life?

I Founded Movement for Modern Life, an online yoga platform, because I was stuck out in the remote countryside and miles away from my favourite teachers. The teachers close to me in the village hall were lovely, kind souls, and great for bringing yoga to the folks who really didn’t get have much of a movement practice. But they would not be the source of my inspiration.

I called a variety of teachers - my favourite Vinyasa teachers, Jean Hall, Liz Lark and Mercedes Ngoh. I called my favourite Jivamukti teacher, Andrea Kwiatkowsk. And talented teacher Lisa SanFilippo who had changed so many people’s lives and sleeping habits for the better. And my lifetime Jivamukti teacher, Emma Henry. And some super-star teachers ranging from Anusara like Bridget Woods-Kramer, to the infamous Ana Forrest to Dylan Ayaloo’s Hot Power Yoga, Uma Dunsmore-Tuli teaching Yoga for Women to Norman Blair teaching Yin. And then I managed to wrangle some teachers as they visited from the states. Then the Universe provided me with the most talented film producer and yoga teacher. And the Universe conspired that this project happen.

The reason why I founded Movement for Modern Life was simple. I wanted everyone to be able to access the world’s best teachers - many of whom who are here in the UK. I wanted to create a British voice for online yoga which never compromised on quality.

That was now two years ago. It’s been the best journey of my life, one which I’m truly blessed to have travelled. Now we have a lively, committed and supportive community of thousands of people, who, it turns out, like me, wanted to get the very best teachers in their own homes and love the fact that we are built on the firm foundations of British integrity and trust.

So how can we help?

On those days when you need that extra inspiration to take to your next class, many teachers find great lessons and inspiration from their colleagues and mentors. We have chosen a huge range of teachers, each of whom brings something very different to the table. We have the very best teachers, many of whom are teacher trainers for some of the top teacher training programmes, each teacher brings very different energy, skills and sequences to the table. I know that the best class is always a live class with your own teacher, someone who knows your body, your practice, and you’ve practiced with for years. But sometimes it’s not possible to get to that class, or you want to ring in the changes - if you went to each class to experience every teacher you wanted to, you’d have no more time to teach, not to mention cash!

A very easy way of experiencing what teachers are sequencing, of getting your flames of yoga passion re-ignited is through a home online yoga practice. Just sampling classes, taking a buffet approach and seeing what works for you and what doesn’t and not having to invest in a whole 90 minute class. Just pick up ideas for teaching that workplace where they tend towards tight hips and hamstrings. Or see what people are teaching to help with things ranging from anger, to period pain, to stress, to fertility.

Every day is different, your body and mind changes each day - bespoke your yoga for your life today!

Kat Farrants

Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, Movement for Modern Life

Kat Farrants, ex-city lawyer, yoga teacher, Entrepreneur and Founder of Movement for Modern Life. After a car crash and awful divorce, she became a woman on a mission. Her mission is to make movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness really easy for people, so that people can find the profound tools for wellbeing to rise through life's crises, challenges and start to thrive. She teams up with only the very best yoga teachers on her platform, Movement for Modern Life, to provide beautifully curated video content and transformational courses , produced and directed by a team of yogi film-makers to help transform people's lives.