My first 7 days of yoga

A week of a daily yoga practice using Psychologies new online free yoga classes - and there have been unexpected benefits. If I can persuade Oscar the dog to stop showing me his downward dog and breathing on me very morning, you might not recognise me in 3 weeks!

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I managed six out of 7 days of daily yoga – which I still think is very good. My first obstacle to overcome was Oscar the dog, who joined me every morning to show me his own downward dog every time I rolled out the mat. I love him dearly but dog breath in the morning wasn’t motivating me.

Secondly I have been somewhat surprised how hard I’ve found the online yoga classes. I thought I was quite strong but I’ve found myself sweating and wobbling throughout. I have been relieved that I have been at home so no one could witness my red-faced-tongue-between-my-teeth efforts.

I’ve loved the theme of ‘inner strength’ with Bridge Woods-Kramer and loved the idea of ‘locking in’ your inner strength by pulling up the pelvic floor.I often feel that my strength can ‘leak’ out – and I like the idea that I can exercise my ‘inner strength muscle’ and become stronger by creating a yoga practice around this.

I really loved the class with Ana Forrest – releasing and transforming. I was so inspired, I looked up her book and Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit. If you weren’t a yoga convert before, you are by the time you’ve finished the book. Yoga isn’t just keep-fit in tights, it’s a transformative practice. Forrest’s book is a raw example of how yoga can transform the darkest of experiences and childhoods.

I have a habit of getting over enthusiastic when I take up something new (have you noticed?!) – I buy all the kit, with matching sweat band and then four weeks down the line, find myself unmotivated and guiltily looking at the big pile of new clothes/equipment/sweat-band for every day of the week discarded at the bottom of the bed a month later. This month, I’m determined to make do with what I have – a rather muddy yoga mat (I’m blaming Oscar!) and a log from my log basket as a yoga prop. If I keep up my daily practice, I promise myself I will upgrade.

But maybe it’s all worth a few splinters, sweat and mud as I’m very surprised to find I’ve lost 3 pounds this week! 3 pounds in a week without even trying?! I don’t believe in diets but after the summer of stuffing myself with ice-cream, it’s a welcome added bonus.

Ok, week 2 begins.

Suzy Walker

Editor of Psychologies, Psychologies

I am proud to be editor of Psychologies, a magazine that champions, challenges and coaches us to think differently so we can solve our own problems and create a life that nourishes us. Author of Making The Big Leap and The Big Peace, Suzy believes that the secret to happiness is living life to the full right here, right now, committing to a few goals now and again and taking Oscar, the Psychologies dog for a walk round the field when it all gets a bit too much.


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over 5 years ago
I'm also new to yoga and finding these videos really helpful.