Communicate your goals and if you don't know your goals, keep trying new things!

I posted a quick mid month updated recently on what I felt about the importance of Direction. Last night I met with my Happiness Club and found out their experiences.

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We all met the goals we had set for ourselves and some of them were really significant. One member lost 17lbs and said that knowing it was the month of goal setting really helped her to focus and improve her determination. I think this is true for all goals; it really helps you meet your goals if you let others know what your goals are and to know you’re going to be talking about them again in the future.

A lot of the goals we’d set in Happiness Club were personal, realistic goals which we could achieve within the month we had. Some from the club also have bigger career or educational goals in mind and knowing what you want, what really matters and excites you, puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face when you are on the right path to get there.

If you’re not sure what path you want to be on then I suggest to keep trying new things until you find your path. It made me wonder whether this is why Direction follows Trying Out in the 10 keys to happier living (apart from the GREAT DREAM acronym of course ;-) ), because it’s only through trying out that we really discover our direction. If we stay in our comfort zone we might never discover the thing that lights up our energy. For me, as an Accountant, learning to step outside of my comfort zone has been life changing. It’s only from doing this that I’ve discovered how much I love being involved in and spreading the word about Mindfulness, Happiness and self-development. It's now a huge part of my life and who I am and I feel so much more fulfilled as a result.

Kirsty Morgan

I am a Chartered Accountant for a Housing Association, who is a mum to 2 small children. I discovered Mindfulness in 2013 and this was a turning point for me to really be committed and present wherever I am. Life isn't as worrying as I used to think when I used to listen to all my 'what if' thoughts and I now feel braver and more confident. I set up a Happiness Club in 2015 in conjunction with Psychologies magazine and as with Mindfulness am already loving the difference it's making to my life and those around me.


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over 6 years ago
Hi Kirsty. Nice piece. Not sure though if trying lots of new things will really help you find your real purpose. It could lead to more anxiety as we run around looking for new things we think we should be doing. You are right about the comfort zone though. You have move to outside to know where you really are. Learning to just stop and be is by far the best tactic - but that takes practice but when we do that we often discover it is ourselves that is in the way. Letting go is a cliché but it works.....then what you are good at, your real objective in life will pop up in front of you because as you know, its been there all the time. Keep up the good work....
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over 6 years ago
Thank you Michael. I totally agree with you about stopping first, that's so important. I've been practicing Mindfulness for the last couple of years and it has helped me to feel more able to try new things and discover new direction. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a big deal and takes some courage, and this is where Mindfulness helped me. This was really just a quick blog surmising that sometimes people don't know what direction to go in but as they say 'if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!' Although I think there is certainly huge value in trying new things in a sensible way rather than with impatience. Small steps can make a really big difference, at least they have in my experience. Thank you so much for your comment.
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over 6 years ago
Of course, trying something new could actually be to stop for some people, to meditate, to notice the world around. Not necessarily try art, running a marathon or starting your own website etc etc. There's so many calming possibilities :)